Top 8 Window Tinting Delray Beach & Regulations to Follow

Looking to add tint to your car windows while following Florida’s legal requirements? Finding a quality, professional tint shop is key. In Delray Beach, there are numerous options for window tinting services to consider. In this write-up, we will discuss top 8 Window tinting delray beach providers along with their experience, range of services, pricing and the tinting laws and regulations in Florida. 

Top 8 window tinting delray beach

 1. Turbo Tint Delray Beach

Turbo Tint is one of the leading auto accessory and window tinting franchises across the US. They offer a lifetime warranty on all their work. Services and pricing include:

  • Basic car window tinting starting at $179
  • SUV tinting starting at $199 
  • Truck tinting starting at $229
  • Residential window film starting at $5 per sq ft
  • Commercial window tinting – pricing varies based on needs

2. Tint King-Formula One

If you are looking for window tinting delray beach, Tint King-Formula One is one of the most affordable service providers. Their services include:

  • Car window tinting starting at $129
  • Home window tinting starting at $3 per sq ft
  • Business window tinting – custom quote
  • Pinhole repairs – $10 per hole
  • Clear window film – $150 for small sedan

3. Jonathan Window Tint 

Jonathan Window Tint is family-owned and operated with over 25 years of experience. They offer:

  • Basic auto tint starting at $110
  • SUV tint starting at $150
  • Truck window tint starting at $180 
  • Home window film starting at $2 per sq ft
  • Free warranty on all tint jobs

4. Perfect Shades Window Tint

Perfect Shades provides fast, quality workmanship with a lifetime guarantee. Pricing:

  • Car tinting starting at $129
  • Home window tinting starting at $3 per sq ft
  • Commercial window tinting – pricing varies
  • Pinhole repair – free with full tint job 

5. Tint World

Turbo Tint has installed over 200,000 window films in South Florida. They offer:

  • Basic sedan tint starting at $99  
  • SUV tint starting at $150
  • Home window film starting at $4 per sq ft
  • Lifetime warranty on all residential jobs

6. Tint America

Tint America provides top-rated window films with 15 years of experience. Services:

  • Basic auto tint starting at $120
  • Truck cab tint starting at $150
  • Home window tinting starting at $3 per sq ft 
  • Commercial window film and custom quotes
  • Free warranty

7. Superior Tint

Superior Tint is another affordable option for those who are searching for window tinting delray beach. They offer a range of professional window services:

  • Car tint packages starting at $189
  • Home window replacement quotes – pricing varies 
  • Impact-resistant window film starting at $7 per sq ft
  • Custom cut window film 
  • Commercial window tinting – free estimate

8. Full Spectrum Window Tinting

Full Spectrum Window Tinting offers custom cut precision tint films with expertise in all types of vehicles. Services and pricing:

  • Basic car tint starting at $120
  • Home window film starting at $4 per sq ft
  • Pinhole repair – free with any tint job
  • Custom cut kits for DIY instals
  • Commercial window tinting – pricing varies 

Tinting Laws and Regulations in Florida

Now that you know about the top window tinting delray beach providers, let’s have a look at the laws and regulations for tinting within the state:

  • The front windshield is allowed to have tint at the very top, known as a visor. This tint can only extend down 5 inches from the top. No other tint is allowed on the front windshield.
  • For the front side windows, Florida law allows tint that blocks up to 28% of light transmission. This is a relatively light tint level compared to other states. 
  • For the rear windshield and back side windows, any darkness of tint is permitted, including fully limo black tint that blocks nearly all light. 
  • There are no restrictions on window tint darkness for rear passenger vehicle windows, including vans, SUVs, and station wagons. Only sedans have restrictions on front side window tint.
  • Florida law prohibits the use of reflective or mirrored tint on any of the windows. All tint must be non-reflective.
  • Medical exemptions allow drivers with certain medical conditions to obtain darker tint with a doctor’s prescription. Exempt drivers can have front side windows with 15% light transmission. 
  • Vehicles registered out-of-state are still required to follow the laws of window tinting delray beach Florida while driving in the state. Out-of-state registration alone does not exempt drivers.
  • Window tint stickers showing compliance are required on the lower corner of the driver’s side windshield. Tint shops will provide these upon installing legal film.
  • Violating the window tint law results in a “fix-it” ticket, requiring the driver to remove the noncompliant tint within 30 days to avoid fines. 


The top 8 list of window tinting delray beach will help you find an experienced professional tint shop that can properly install quality, legal films. It will also help you avoid places that cut corners or lack expertise. But it’s extremely important to know Florida’s laws on allowable tint levels, placement, and other regulations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How dark can I legally tint my front driver and passenger windows?

A: In Florida, the front side windows can have a tint that blocks up to 28% of light transmission.

Q: Do I need a medical reason to get a darker tint on my front windows?

A: Yes, you need a doctor’s prescription for medical exemption to get a darker front window tint in Florida. 

Q: Does my car’s window tint need to be inspected?

A: No inspection is required, but you must have window tint stickers showing compliance visible on the driver’s side when installed.

Q: Can I get coloured or reflective tint on my car windows in Florida?

A: No, only non-reflective window tint is allowed on any of the windows per Florida regulations.

Q: How much does professional window tinting cost on average?

A: Basic sedan tinting ranges from $100-200. SUVs and trucks are $150-250+ depending on size.

Q: How long does it take to get car windows tinted professionally?

A: Most professional shops can complete basic sedan tint jobs within 1-2 hours. Larger vehicles may take longer.

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