Why You Should Not Ignore Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance

HVAC service, often referred to as AC tune-up, comprises an overall review of the heating and cooling systems of your house. A trained professional visits the location to test the HVAC equipment and, if required, will check the entire home air purification system. AC cleaning and maintenance, therefore, goes beyond just changing the air filter or cleaning the external unit. 

The AC technician will also check the moving parts thoroughly, along with the safety checks. 

Early identification of minor repairs can prevent larger issues in the long run. We often don’t realize, but pests can damage AC units. On the other hand, there are also other factors at play, such as power surges during summers, wearing out of electrical parts over time, accumulation of dust and debris, and so on. 

Let’s explore the four key reasons why annual AC repair and service is a must-have in every household: 

Boosts safety: 

Getting your AC unit inspected before summer comes knocking at the door is extremely important. After a few months of limited or no usage, you may have rodents living inside the unit. They often take shelter inside AC units for warmth. It is even likelier if you have an AC cover. You may also need to look into damaged or worn-out wires and circuits. If wires are loose, they may start arching and deteriorating. This may eventually lead to burning out of the AC wires, and the AC then stops functioning altogether. What’s even worse is that if any of the wires are shorted and the ground wire is not connected properly, it can turn fatal, thanks to electrocution. 


Regular air conditioner repair and maintenance is surely more cost-effective as ill-maintained AC systems are more difficult to operate. This can majorly be attributed to blocked coils, which hampers the airflow, leading to the AC taking longer to cool down a space. An AC that runs longer also undergoes more wear and tear, which, in turn, involves more repairs, making the costs run high. On the other hand, annual AC maintenance ensures the AC functions at its peak efficiency. This is crucial for energy-intensive seasons, as you won’t want your utility bills to skyrocket. 

Enhances safety: 

Be it due to incorrect settings of the blower motor speed, blocked vents, or a dirty filter, poor airflow from an AC unit can make your living space uncomfortable. Besides, dirt and debris that are trapped inside the unit often cause allergies and other health issues for the occupants of the house. Thus, overlooking air conditioning repair can cost you heavily. Humidity also plays a role in determining the overall comfort factor of your house. ACs play a major role in dehumidification, and thus, the poorer the airflow, the lesser the moisture removal, resulting in increased humidity. Thus, it is always advisable to get a professional air conditioning technician to run general checks on the unit. If required, they can also change or clean the air filters as part of the annual air conditioner cleaning and maintenance. Air filters are responsible for keeping contaminants at bay. 

Increases Reliability: 

Summer heat waves can be pretty brutal, right? Well, they can get worse if you return to a house without a properly functioning air conditioner. If your AC is dirty and ill-maintained, it will have increased pressure, which eventually starts to “burn” the compressor. It is not only the most expensive component in your AC, but its burnout can contaminate the entire system. 

What to Expect in AC Maintenance

Every HVAC service provider has its own process for AC checkups. Besides the cleaning of air filters to do away with the dust and dirt, you can also expect the technician to check other components such as thermostat calibration, blower components, electrical connections, refrigerant pressure, air handler/furnace, drip pan and condensate drain lines, condenser and evaporator coils, safety controls, and so on. 

When you schedule an appointment, don’t hesitate to ask what the inspection will cover. Once the work is done, make sure the team of technicians communicates the findings to you clearly and, if required, consolidate them as a report. It should also include repair recommendations to improve performance. 

Beyond detecting safety issues, these inspections are also adequate in revealing parts that are not yet ‘out-of-order’ but are nearing the end of their serviceable life. As they say, ‘a stitch in time saves nine’, annual air conditioner maintenance is the safest way to optimize the life of your unit and prevent costly repairs. 

Check out the trusted service partners in your area to enjoy complete peace of mind as far as your AC maintenance is concerned. With a well-structured maintenance plan, you’ll not only have a fixed set of technicians for all your AC concerns, but you’ll notice the reasons for unexpected repairs will gradually diminish over time.

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