What Are the Unconventional Ways to Wear a Saree?

The online saree, a timeless symbol of grace and tradition, has evolved beyond conventional draping styles to embrace modern fashion trends. In this comprehensive guide to online saree fashion, we will explore unconventional ways to wear a saree, breaking free from traditional norms and creating a unique and contemporary fashion statement. Whether you’re shopping online sarees or looking to redefine your traditional attire, these innovative draping styles offer a seamless blend of tradition and modernity, allowing you to express your individuality in the ever-evolving world of online saree fashion. Step into the future of saree styling and make a bold statement with these unconventional and chic approaches.

Unconventional Ways to Wear a Saree

1. The Pant Style Saree Draping:

Step into the realm of fusion fashion by donning the pant style saree drape. Replace the traditional petticoat with fitted pants, allowing for greater ease of movement while exuding a bold and stylish vibe. This edgy twist is perfect for events that demand a touch of modernity without compromising on the ethnic charm.

2. The Cape Effect:

Elevate your saree game with the addition of a cape. Drape a sheer or embellished cape over your saree, creating a dramatic and ethereal look. Capes not only add a contemporary touch but also offer an elegant way to experiment with layers, making it an ideal choice for both formal and festive occasions.

3. The Saree Gown:

For a seamless blend of tradition and modernity, opt for a saree gown. This unconventional ensemble combines the grace of a saree with the convenience of a gown, offering a hassle-free and stylish solution. Saree gowns come in various styles, from pre-stitched pallus to unique drapes, allowing you to express your individuality effortlessly.

4. The Belted Saree Look:

Introduce a hint of Western flair to your saree ensemble by adding a belt. A well-chosen belt not only accentuates your waist but also adds a contemporary edge to the traditional drape. Experiment with different belt styles, from slim and metallic to broad and embellished, to create a look that seamlessly merges tradition with modern aesthetics.

5. The Lehenga Style Saree:

Fuse the grace of a saree with the vivacity of a lehenga by opting for the lehenga style drape. This unconventional style involves pleating the saree like a lehenga, providing the comfort of a skirt while maintaining the allure of a traditional saree. Ideal for weddings and festive occasions, this style ensures you can dance the night away with ease.

6. The Tunic and Saree Pairing:

Experiment with a tunic or a long-line blouse to create a chic fusion look. Pairing a saree with a tunic adds a contemporary touch, making it an ideal choice for semi-formal events or modern gatherings. Choose contrasting colors and patterns to create a visually striking effect.

7. The Palazzo Saree Drape:

For an unconventional and comfortable twist, consider draping your saree over palazzo pants. This style not only allows for ease of movement but also presents a stylish fusion of Indian and Western fashion. Choose a lightweight saree to maintain the flow while embracing the comfort of palazzo pants.

8. The Off-Shoulder Saree Style:

Infuse a dose of glamour into your saree look by opting for an off-shoulder blouse. This contemporary blouse style complements a variety of saree drapes, adding a touch of sensuality and sophistication. Perfect for cocktail parties or evening events, the off-shoulder style redefines traditional saree elegance.

9. The Dhoti Style Saree:

Channel your inner fashionista by adopting the dhoti style saree drape. This avant-garde look involves pleating the saree like a dhoti, creating a visually interesting and fashion-forward appearance. Experiment with bold colors and prints to fully embrace the vibrancy of this unconventional saree style.

10. The Saree with Palazzo Suit:

Combine the grace of a saree with the comfort of a palazzo suit for a unique and elegant ensemble. Drape the saree over a well-fitted palazzo suit, creating a stylish fusion that seamlessly blends traditional and contemporary elements. This versatile look is suitable for a range of occasions, from festive celebrations to evening soirees.


As the world of fashion continues to evolve, so does the saree. Embrace these unconventional ways to wear a saree and let your personal style shine through. From pant style draping to the fusion of saree and gown, these innovative approaches allow you to make a bold and memorable fashion statement while still honoring the rich tradition of this iconic garment. Experiment with these styles, mix and match elements, and discover a world of limitless possibilities to redefine the way you wear a saree. Unveil your elegance with these unconventional saree draping techniques and step into a realm where tradition meets contemporary flair.

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