Unveiling the Mysteries of Willow Grading: English Willow Cricket Bats vs. Kashmir Willow Cricket Bats

Cricket, a sports game of luck, skills, and precision, involves a lot of different equipment choice options. Among the most critical choices is the type of cricket bat, with English Willow Cricket Bats and Kashmir Willow Cricket Bats being the two primary contenders.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the details of willow grading, exploring the differences between English Willow and Kashmir Willow cricket bats.

Who Grades Cricket Bats?

Manufacturers crafting cricket bats use high-quality willows to make one bat. The grading is pretty much similar to the grading system you are familiar with. The only exception here is the appearance of bats, apart from the wood quality.

Understanding Willow Grading:

English Willow Cricket Bats: The Highest Quality Cricket Bats

When it comes to cricket bats, English Willow stands out as the premier choice for professionals and serious cricket-lover enthusiasts.

English Willow – Introduction

English willow is a type of wood that is, by and large, imported from England. Bat manufacturers, then, use the English willow to make cricket bats. The thing that makes English willow different is its ability to sustain other climate conditions, helping professionals use robust, balanced, high-performance cricket bats.

Grading of English Willow:

The grading of English Willow revolves around the number of grains on the bat’s face. Grains are the lines or marks on the bat’s flat surface; the more grains, the higher the wood quality.

  • Grade 1: The Pinnacle of Perfection

Bats in this category boast a minimum of 6 to 12 straight grains.

These bats are known for their best impact, superior quality, minimal blemishes, and outstanding performance.

Professionals spend higher costs buying Grade 1 English willow bats for their ability to hit the ball longer distances.

  • Grade 2: Exceptional Quality

Featuring 6 to 10 straight grains, Grade 2 English Willow bats are slightly more affordable than Grade 1 but still offer excellent performance.

They may have minor blemishes but retain a high level of quality and are more suitable for club cricketers.

  • Grade 3: A Balance of Quality and Affordability

With 4 to 8 straight grains, Grade 3 bats are an excellent option for players seeking a balance between performance and cost.

They may have more noticeable blemishes but still provide solid performance.

  • Grade 4: Entry-Level Excellence

Ideal for those entering the world of high-quality bats, Grade 4 English Willow bats typically have 4 to 6 straight grains.

While they may have more visible blemishes, they offer a great introduction to the performance of top-quality willow.

Kashmir Willow Cricket Bats: The Reliable Alternative

The only alternative to English willow is Kashmir Willow bats. Offering an excellent choice for cricket lovers who want to be on a tight budget, many recreational bats are usually made out of Kashmir willows.

Kashmir Willows – Introduction

Kashmir Willow, sourced from the Salix tree in the Kashmir region of India, offers a more budget-friendly alternative to English Willow. The grading system for Kashmir Willow considers factors such as grain patterns, wood density, and overall quality.

Grading of Kashmir Willow:

Unlike English Willows, the grains on Kashmir willows are less and uneven, as these are sourced from new or not-too-old willows. Due to its natural appearance, you may see red patches more often visible on Kashmir willows. Having said that, Kashmir willow cricket bats feature every aspect of what an excellent quality cricket bat possesses.

  • Grade A: Premium Quality

Boasting a minimum of 5 to 8 grains, Grade A Kashmir Willow bats offer excellent performance with minimal blemishes.

These bats suit serious players looking for a reliable alternative to English Willow.

  • Grade B: Solid Performance

With 4 to 7 grains, Grade B Kashmir Willow bats provide a balance between performance and affordability.

They may have more noticeable blemishes but still offer good quality for the price. You may use Incrediballs or wonderballs to avoid any damage to the lightweight bat.

  • Grade C: Entry-Level Economy

Featuring 3 to 6 grains, Grade C Kashmir Willow bats are perfect for beginners or those on a budget.

While they may have more visible imperfections, they provide a cost-effective option for casual players.


In conclusion, choosing between English Willow and Kashmir Willow cricket bats ultimately depends on your budget, skill level, and personal preferences.

Understanding the features of willow grading empowers you to make an informed decision, ensuring that the cricket bat you choose fits well with your playing style and aspirations on the cricket field.

So, whether you opt for the elite performance of English Willow or the reliable affordability of Kashmir Willow, your cricketing journey begins with selecting the right bat for you.

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