Tiles as Statements: Reflecting Your Home’s Personality


Your home can be decorated in many ways that showcase your taste and provide that personal touch. Using tiles to make a unique statement is one of the best methods to decorate a home. You can find so many tile options, by searching and visiting any tile shop near me, that you can use creatively to showcase your thoughtfulness and personality. In this blog, you will learn how you can use the beauty of tiles to elevate your home decor by following the colour wheel, colour contrast, and colour psychology. 

The Magic of Tiles: Reflect Your Creativity 

Tiles are an artistic medium that lets you use your home’s walls to express your tale because of their aesthetically pleasing top layers. You may combine several tile designs to create a distinctive design that represents you and welcomes guests into a more intimate aspect of your personality because they come in a broad spectrum of colours, finishes, and patterns.

Imagine creating a calm and relaxing vibe, that you got while visiting a seashore during your last vacation, in your bathroom with light blue and subtle-coloured bathroom tiles. Likewise, you can narrate your travelling stories and your love for cooking with bold mosaic colours on the kitchen backsplash. In short, you can let your creativity flow with tiles and let your home speak for you. 

The Colour Wheel 

As per Physics, our eyes and brains interpret the colour of objects based on the light wavelengths that reflect off of them. It is common to picture the colour wheel when thinking of colours, with red, yellow, and blue serving as the fundamental colours and various combinations of these hues. The colours can be categorised into the following groups for an interior design according to the colour wheel:

  • Non-Colours: These shades allude to tones that are absent from the colour wheel. Some of these colours are white, black, grey, and beige which are often used in modern interior design.
  • Triads: The colours that form a triangle on the colour wheel are called triads. For example, violet, green, and orange. 
  • Complementary Colours: The colours that appear in the opposite direction on the colour wheel complement each other, and look creatively elegant when used together. For example, violet and yellow. 
  • Monochromatic Colours: These involve only one colour, but can be used in different hues. For example, shades of green – mint to forest green. 
  • Analogous Colours: These colours are a group of three adjacent colours on the colour wheel. For example, orange, red, and reddish-orange. 
  • Cool and Warm Colours: The cool colours refer to the shades that offer a calm vibe, like blue and green while the warm colours offer warmth, like red and orange. 

Tile Colour Psychology 

The tile colour that you choose for your home plays a huge impact in setting the mood and emotions within your space. So, you must choose the tile colours of your home according to the mood you want to create. 

To understand this better, let’s discuss a few tile colours and their impact on the mood of the room. 

Red Tiles

The red colour symbolises love, passion, energy, power, desire, and determination. You can use red tiles of different hues to instigate different senses and energy levels in the room. It can be used to create a great accent look and add a dramatic impression within the space. Also, you can combine it with soft greys and magentas for a feminine and cosy feeling. 

Green Tiles 

The colour of grass, leaves, and plants, green is one of the most eye-pleasing colours, and it denotes freshness, nature, harmony, fertility, and growth. From yellow-green to mint and dark green, you can find tiles in different hues of green. You can use this colour in your space to add a sense of calmness and emotional safety. 

Blue Tiles 

From the colour of the sky to the ocean, the colour blue offers a feeling of freshness and relaxation. If you use blue tiles, you can keep your mind and body relaxed and gain several health benefits. 

Purple Tiles 

The colour of luxury and creativity, purple tiles come in a variety of shades. The darker shades offer drama, richness, sophistication, and regal, while the lighter shades look soft and calming. 

White Tiles

The white colour represents purity, peace, comfort, and innocence. To get a clean and fresh interior look, the white tiles can never go wrong. Just think about the Scandinavian style where people go for an all-white look for their spaces. You can do it too to promote simplicity. 

Tile Colour Contrast

Another creative way to make your tiles designs stand out is by using tiles of contrasting colours. For example, if you have subtle-coloured bathroom tiles on the walls, you can go for dark-coloured plain or patterned anti-skid tiles for the flooring to create an eye-striking design. By doing so, you can add a visual effect and character to the space. 

Besides that, you can also think of pairing the tiles with contrasting-coloured curtains. If you have simple and plain tiles on your walls, opt for curtains of bold and vibrant colours. It will help to create an inviting feeling while adding your unique personal touch to the space. 


To craft creative and unique decor for your home, it is always better to go for a style that speaks about your personality. Whatever tile designs, colours, and textures you choose, make sure they make a statement to elevate your home’s decor. So, if you want to explore a wide collection of tiles, search for a good tile shop near me and visit a reputed store, like Orientbell Tiles Boutique in New Delhi.

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