Skill-Based Matchmaking Changes Needed For Modern Warfare 3

Fans are looking forward to more information about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and its multiplayer games. There is still hope that SBMM will be fully covered.

According to most players, the problem with current Call of Duty games is the skill-based matchmaking. Which puts players in the hardest groups because they are good at the game. Fans of first-person shooters have been looking at this as a possible alternative to Activision’s series since Ubisoft’s XDefiant is said to come out without it.

Fans have given positive comments on what they have seen of the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 (2023). Especially when it comes to movement, time-to-kill, and other major changes. This has made many people wonder what this means for the game’s skill-based matchmaking features. Even though it’s clear that the system will still be there, fans are still asking for big changes or for it to be taken away completely so that the experience is completely changed.

Casual Play For Players

Rust map in MW3 2023

Because good performance puts you in direct contact with some of the best players, skill-based matchmaking is a problem for people who play Call of Duty entries less seriously and more for fun. There are some good things about this that can keep the idea of a challenging experience goin. But it still goes against the point of the ranked play types that are added for the best players.

Players will be hoping that this feature is much less annoying than the ones in earlier games. Especially Modern Warfare 2 (2022) and Vanguard. There will still be concerns about the main online mode and how skill-based matchmaking will impact it. Even though the Zombies mode looks like it will be the biggest yet.

Consistent Player Count/Numbers


On top of the problem of casual play, many fans and users think SBMM is terrible. Which means that the number of players drops right away every time it comes out. People think that this method starts to work after at least one or two multiplayer matches. This makes the games go faster, and if players aren’t ready for the challenge or aren’t skilled enough for the situation. It makes them angry, and a lot of them quit.

Since this isn’t likely to be totally removed from Modern Warfare 3 (2023). Fans will be hoping that it will be less useful and common here. This will help keep the number of players high from the start of the game’s release. This will go well with everything else shown off about the game, moving the brand even closer to what many of its fans loved most.

Consistent Lobbies


As was already said, the constant switching between fast-paced and slow-paced groups in all Call of Duty games has caused players to leave or avoid certain lobbies and modes because they feel too much competition. Each map is a different size—either a 6v6 or a 10v10 Moshpit. Which can make or break the fun in each lobby. This is especially true if Funny Shooter 2 is 6v6 on a bigger map, where players will spend a while looking for enemies only to be quickly eliminated.

Some maps with few players might be a lot more bearable if SBMM is toned down in some way. This is because players will have a better chance of winning at longer ranges. If the other players aren’t too much better than them.

Faster Ranking/Leveling Up

Captain Price

There are many ways that SBMM changes the core multiplayer experience of Call of Duty. One of these is how quickly players can raise their prestige level. Which is the level of their guns for new attachments. If players are put in harder lobbies because they did well in a previous one. They will probably get fewer kills or more deaths than kills, which won’t help them move up quickly in the rankings.

Aside from bonuses like double XP and the Zombies mode, which can raise weapon levels without competing with other players. Players will have to depend on how well they do in each multiplayer match to get the attachments they want. An update to SBMM could make this a lot easier and more forgiving for players.

Freedom In Play Style

Underwater campaign mission

When you think about Modern Warfare 2 (2022), problems with the fast time-to-kill made SBMM feel a lot more aggressive than usual. Especially for people who use tactical weapons or snipers. In Modern Warfare 2 (2022), the TTK seemed to stay the same at all ranges. This meant that even at long range, assault rifles and SMGs would often still need the same number of hits to kill as they would at close range.

When players combine this with SBMM, it can be difficult for those who want to get good at using snipers or tactical rifles. Because other players in the lobby will easily beat them, especially when the weapons are at their base levels. Since the TTK in Modern Warfare 3 (2023) has been changed, a change to the SBMM would make it more fun to use different guns in different ways.

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