Scrabble Go Review

Scrabble Go is the latest app from developer Scopely. It’s been a hot topic of complaints since its launch, with many fans unhappy at the bright colours and flashy presentation they’ve seen. Enjoy classic turn-based matches or try new games like the ever-changing Word Drop and letter scramble Tumbler, plus fast-paced Duels and Rush mode. The game also offers a wealth of perks to keep players engaged and competing.


Scrabble Go is an exciting digital version of the classic word game, developed by mobile gaming company Scopely. It features traditional gameplay alongside innovative new games modes, online leaderboards, and player experience points. It even offers power-ups that can boost your scoring potential.

Players play by arranging tiles on a game board to create words. They compete with friends or strangers online, with players around the world in real time. There are also leagues and tournaments, where players can challenge themselves against a variety of opponents and track their progress.

Players can even access a practice mode where they can challenge the software to analyze their current game and recommend words for them to play. However, this is a big no-no at Scrabble word finder tournaments, and some players will report people for using the word finder to cheat. It also bogs down the game with invasive pop-ups that list available challengers, which can interrupt matches. Moreover, it’s not clear whether these “challengers” are actual human players.


The original Scrabble mobile app that EA released and later closed was a clean, straightforward way to play the board game on the go. That app was free with ads, or a $10 one-time purchase. It competed against Zynga’s Words With Friends and leaned more into tradition than power-ups. Now the Scrabble brand has been licensed to Scopely, and they’ve dragged the beloved game into the modern mobile gaming space with all of its loot boxes, in-game currency purchases, time-limited events, and pointless cosmetic rewards.

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The gameplay is the same, but there are now multiple ways to earn chests that contain XP, Diamonds and Tile pieces. XP improves your level and unlocks more rewards, while Diamonds can be spent on new tile sets, hints/boosts and more. In addition, players can join leagues and compete with friends to achieve top rankings and a custom League Frame for their profile. The game also features themed AI opponents.

Game modes

While the previous versions of Scrabble on mobile offered a clean and convenient way to play the word game on the go, this latest version has jumped into the modern app gaming world, with loot boxes, in-game currency purchases and video ads between turns. Purists can opt for Classic Mode, which offers traditional gameplay without any of the perks (aka cheats) that other players may find helpful.

Other game modes include Duels, a fast-paced head-to-head Scrabble match against an opponent of your choice in real time. The game also has the unique “Tumbler” mode, which challenges you to find words in a rotating set of letters under a ticking time limit, and “Word Drop,” which features a falling block puzzle element that opens up new crossword possibilities.

The game also has Arena tournaments, which run for a set amount of time and reward trophies depending on your placement. Earning enough trophies will put you into higher League tiers, unlocking Common and Rare Chests.


Unlike EA’s previous Scrabble mobile apps, which were straightforward and clean, this app brings the word game into the modern mobile gaming world with invasive pop-ups that push players to start matches with random strangers. These pop-ups appear after every move, between turns and even in the middle of gameplay, despite the fact that the app allows players to opt out of the social gaming aspects of the app.

Besides the traditional board game mode, Scrabble Go has other modes such as Duel (fast-paced head-to-head Scrabble), Word Drop and Tumbler. These modes make the gameplay more interesting and provide new challenges for players. Players can earn rewards from each of these games, including XP and chests that contain Diamonds or Tile pieces.

However, despite these additions, Scrabble Go is still not a perfect game. Tournament players would be interested in access to the latest dictionaries and more options that replicate live gameplay, such as timers or word swapping.

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