Royal Enfield Meteor 350: Finding The Perfect Fit For Your Budget

Royal Enfield Motorcycles have become synonymous with the majestic riding experience on the Indian roads. Their latest launch, the Royal Enfield Meteor 350, has swept the market by storm, leading potential customers to explore pricing options that suit their budget.

In this article, we’ll explore different pricing options and how you can choose one that fits your budget. We’ll list down the various pricing elements, what they mean, and how they affect the final cost of the motorcycle. Additionally, we’ll also delve into the reasons why the Royal Enfield brand has gathered so much attention.

Royal Enfield Meteor 350:

With the launch of Meteor 350, Royal Enfield has successfully established itself in the cruiser motorcycle market. Since its launch, the Meteor 350 has garnered quite a few admirers, and it’s not surprising. The bike is elegant, powerful, and dynamic, all at the same time.

A cruiser bike is a popular motorcycle type in India, and the Royal Enfield brand has been successful in capturing this Indian consumer base because of its charming aesthetics, powerful engine, and incredible cruising speed. The Meteor 350 is no exception, and it perfectly captures the Royal Enfield brand’s essence.

Meteor 350 Price:

The price of the Royal Enfield Meteor 350 depends on several factors. The most significant factor that determines the price of the motorcycle is the variant that you choose. Royal Enfield offers the bike in three variants – Fireball, Stellar, and Supernova.

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The Fireball variant is the entry-level model that comes equipped with standard features, while the Stellar variant and Supernova variant come loaded with more features.

The Fireball variant of the Royal Enfield Meteor 350 is priced at INR 1.79 lakhs (ex-showroom), while the Stellar and Supernova variants are priced at INR 1.84 lakhs and INR 1.93 lakhs (ex-showroom), respectively.

Apart from the variant, other factors that can affect the price of the bike are insurance, registration charges, and other taxes. While insurance and registration charges depend on the state the bike is registered in, taxes such as GST and road tax are standard throughout the country.

Factors Affecting the Price:

Apart from the variant that you choose, several other factors can affect the final price of the Royal Enfield Meteor 350.

1. Insurance:

Having insurance is mandatory for motor vehicles under Indian law. The cost of the insurance premium can vary depending on several factors such as the model of the bike, the type of coverage you choose, and the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the motorcycle.

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The IDV of your motorcycle is the maximum amount that your insurance company will pay in the event of total loss or theft of the bike. The premium for insurance also depends on factors like the age of the rider, driving history, and the location of registration.

2. Registration Charges:

Every time you register your motorcycle with the Regional Transport Office (RTO), you need to pay a fee for the registration. The cost of the registration fee varies from one state to another.

3. Taxes:

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a standard tax in India that is levied on all goods and services, including motorcycles. The GST for motorcycles is currently set at 28%.

Apart from GST, there is the road tax, which varies from one state to another. The road tax is calculated based on the motorcycle’s cost, and it needs to be paid annually.

Reasons for the Popularity of Royal Enfield Motorcycles:

The popularity of Royal Enfield Motorcycles is not new. The brand has been a crowd favourite in India for decades. There are several reasons why Royal Enfield bikes have gathered a massive fan base.

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1. Aesthetics:

Royal Enfield bikes are known for their vintage and classy looks. The designs are timeless, and they blend with the Indian culture and heritage.

2. Power:

Royal Enfield Motorcycles are known for their high-performance engines that deliver powerful rides. The bikes offer a unique combination of style and power, which appeals to many riders.

3. Durability:

Royal Enfield bikes are built to last. They are sturdy, tough, and can withstand the wear and tear of tough road conditions. The bikes require minimal maintenance and are known to last for years.

Choosing the Right Pricing Option:

Choosing the right pricing option for the Royal Enfield Meteor 350 depends on your budget. As mentioned earlier, the Fireball variant is the entry-level model and is ideal for anyone who’s looking for a bike that fits their budget.

However, the Stellar and Supernova variants are also good options, especially if you’re looking for more features. The Stellar variant comes with a unique tripper navigation, while the Supernova variant offers LED lights, a windscreen, and a more premium look.

When it comes to other factors such as insurance, registration charges, and taxes, it’s essential to do your research beforehand. It’s always better to be aware of the costs involved before making your final decision.


The Royal Enfield Meteor 350 is an excellent cruiser motorcycle that blends power, style, and performance. The bike has been a smash hit among riders, and there are several reasons why the Royal Enfield brand has gathered such a massive fan base in India.

When it comes to choosing the right pricing option, you need to keep in mind several factors such as your budget, the variant you choose, and the other costs involved in buying a motorcycle. With the above information, we hope that you can choose the right pricing option that suits your budget and preferences.

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