Ranking Of All Of The Best F1 Games Ever Made

Since the days of arcades, Formula One (F1) games have been popular. In the last twenty years, they’ve become even more popular.

Formula One has been the leader in driving games for as long as there have been games.Many people played them in arcades back in the day, with games like Pole Position (1982) and F-1 Grand Prix (1991). The games have become more popular over the last twenty years, just like the sport they are based on. They were already popular on platforms before that.

After making arcade games, they tried a few home computer games that were follow-ups to Grand Prix. Then they moved on to consoles, which are now their major market. The Formula 1 (1996) was the first car in what is now called the Formula One series. After that, EA had their first chance to make the games from 1999 to 2002, when Sony stopped letting anyone else make them. After Sony’s run was over, Codemasters took over and have been in charge ever since, though they are now known as EA after buying the British company. Along the way, F1 has made some true wonders and some very disappointing games. Let’s try to rank the very best, the ones that stand out from the rest.

F1 2011

F1 2011

The first game to finish in the points is 2011’s Codemasters game. This game really tried to make things feel more real, and it was also made with online play in mind. It added Red Flags and the Safety Car to the game and added a career mode and a co-op title mode.

But the game wasn’t great for first-time players because the controls were very hard to get the hang of. Also, the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita versions got bad reviews.

Formula One Championship Edition

F1 Championship Edition

The first time it came out, this one was definitely the best, and it still is. Even though it’s mostly a remaster of Formula One 06 for PlayStation 2, the huge technology improvements that made it work on PlayStation 3 changed the way racing games are played forever.

In addition to great graphics, they added dynamic weather, a big boost for the AI that made passing and racing more realistic than ever; the AI drivers would make mistakes when under pressure and try to pass in a realistic way; support for the Sixaxis; and later, with an update, support for force feedback.

F1 2016

F1 2016

Not many games in F1 history have had to deal with as much stress as 2016. F1 2015 was one of the worst games so far. It got rid of the career mode for no reason and stopped getting better at what it did.

The response was a 10-season career mode where the player could be fired if they didn’t do well, which was the best customization system available at the time. The Safety Car also came back, along with the new Virtual Safety Car, which made the gameplay smoother and more realistic by letting players start races, enter pit lanes, and do formation laps by hand. A good game all around.

F1 2002

F1 2002

A lot of people remember F1 2002 as a tough computer racing game. At the time, the graphics, sound, and effects were the best they could be. The game was also very hard to play, not because of how hard the controls were, but because of how hard the AI drivers got.

One big reason this game doesn’t feel old is because of this. This is true even though the technology is getting better. This is likely the best for competitive gamers, and it’s a big part of why the game has grown into a highly skilled public and Esports competition.

F1 Challenge 99-02

F1 Career Challenge

Most people who like sports still want something like this to happen again. Because of the Sony license that starts in 2003, this was the last game that EA made before 2021. They chose to make a game that was based on the last four seasons of the race, so it has all the tracks, liveries, and drivers that were in those seasons. On top of that, it had a huge improvement in the graphics, physics, gameplay, and modeling.

With both a single-player career and a community focused on online, the game did very well for many years. This was mostly due to the huge modding community, which recreated every season after 2003, adding every detail and even adding other races like NASCAR or Le Mans. Even though you could only do this on the PC version, this is still one of the best games ever.

F1 2017

f1 2017 race start

When it came to the standard of the driving and game modes, F1 2016 set the bar very high. But that didn’t stop Codemasters. It has everything that made 16 great, plus a few changes that make 17 one of the best. Still, the best part was the career mode, but this was the first time they went in a different direction. A lot went into the plan for taking care of and replacing parts, as well as the development of the car, for which they created a deeper and more flexible development tree. It wasn’t just about driving.

At that time, they also added the events that people could invite to the planner for each season. But the collection of classic F1 cars that players could use to make championships, race, use in time trials, and of course, the invitationals was one of the best and most missed parts of recent games.

F1 2021

F1 2021

Though people had different opinions on EA’s return to F1 games, it’s safe to say that they didn’t let people down. All of a sudden, it looked like this franchise was about to become as big as FIFA or Madden. Part of the reason for this is that the sport itself was at its most famous and had an impressive season in 2021. EA tried something new when they added Braking Point, a story-driven mode where players drive as Aiden Jackson. This was done to appeal to a new group of people.

The new mode, which was definitely influenced by Netflix’s Drive to Survive, gave the franchise a big boost. Even though Geometry Dash Subzero felt a bit more like an arcade game, it built on the success of its predecessor and was still a good game.

F1 2020

F1 2020

It turned out that the last Codemasters game was the best F1 computer game ever. Not by chance, these were also the fastest cars in the history of the sport.With new gameplay, customization, the My Team mode, a lot of accessibility choices, driver changes in career mode, and the ability to add classic cars and drivers to a team, F1 2020 set the stage for years to come.

In a good way, it changed the game for good. Still, EA keeps deciding not to try to add classic cars to his games. Other than that, they live off of the huge success of F1 2020’s My Team mode and how well it handles driving.

F1 23

F1 23 KonnerSport

22 was a pretty bad game, especially after two great ones, so EA knew that a small attempt wouldn’t be enough to please fans.The second part of Brake Point came out with F1 23. It tried to combine the idea of the My Team game with the story. On the other hand, the addition of F1 World was well accepted because it makes playing online a lot better.

What really made things better was a huge improvement in how the AI responded and made decisions. There were also some improvements to driving and Red Flags were brought back. It lacks some features from previous games, and the interface for making characters and designing teams needs a major overhaul. However, it’s still good enough to be the runner-up. The best part is that you don’t need a Red Bull to win races.

F1 2010

F1 2010

Some people think F1 2010 is the best Formula One game ever, and some people also think it’s the best driving game ever. This was the first approved game in a long time and the first one made by Codemasters. That was a huge step forward that has never even come close to happening again. It’s a game that fans of many generations will remember for its simple but unique and clean feel.

In this game’s career mode, players would start on the bottom of the standings and work their way up by getting better results and becoming the top driver. They would do this by practicing and making the car better and pushing their skills to the limit. It was unique and won the race by a large margin.

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