Nursery School Vs. Day Nursery – What Is It, And What Are The Differences?

There is a fine line between Nursery schools and Day Nurseries. The primary difference is that the Day Nursery extends care time as per the requirement of a working parent. At the same time, Nursery schools have a scheduled time that is entirely academic. Nursery school enrolls kids with a specific age limit, whereas; Day nursery enrolls kids from 6 weeks to 5 years old. 

Parents prefer the best Nursery School to introduce their toddler to formal school education. Nursery Schools are established educational institutions that provide foundational learning. However, the Day Nurseries provide their services only till the parents and guardians feel that personal care is required for their kids. A Day Nursery is where working parents can entrust the care of their young learners to an institution while they are away for the entire day or a part of the day.

Difference between the Day Nursery and Nursery School 

Though both institutions aim for the well-being of every child, their routine varies significantly. Read on to learn more about the essential differences between these institutions that could help you find the right one for your little one.  

● A Nursery School is a structured learning atmosphere with a syllabus designed for the kids to have a scheduled time every day. Day Nurseries provide full-time or part-time services, including activities enabling toddlers to socialise and enhancing overall development.

● Though both institutions provide personal attention in the overall development of every child, they vary in terms of the attention required per the age group at the Day Nurseries.

● There are no babies enrolled at a Montessori preschool. However, the Day Nursery provides more personalized attention to babies. The little ones at the best preschool are engaged in activities that improve their fine, large motor, and cognitive skills. Well, at the Day Nursery, they are provided more leisure time where the toddlers are provided with enough space and environment to explore.

● A Montessori preschool focuses on the early years of childhood by engaging them in several educational activities. On the other hand, A Day Nursery provides essential care and exercises to toddlers according to their age and needs.

● The best Nursery School ensures that the teaching faculty is well-trained to do their jobs while monitoring and moulding young hearts. At a Day Nursery, the staff holds a certification in Child care monitoring individual patterns or routines for the entire day.

● The cost of Day Nurseries differs from that of Nursery Schools. Both institutions are run by local and private authorities while catering to the needs of every individual.

● Nursery Schools provide more educational insights, while Day Nursery has a more relaxed routine.

Once you know the differences between Nursery Schools and Day Nurseries, making your choice as a responsible parent becomes convenient. Whatever the choice you make on behalf of your child, it is essential to help a child grow and be cared for in a healthy environment per the needs of a child.

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