Leveraging Custom Packaging for Increased Profits – A Comprehensive Guide

In the ever-evolving world of retail, custom packaging has emerged as a pivotal strategy not only to protect products but also to boost sales & enhance brand recognition. This comprehensive guide delves into valuable & practical guidelines for creating custom boxes, providing insights that can significantly contribute to the growth of your business.

1. Work on the Size You Want

When delving into the creation of cardboard boxes, size becomes a critical factor. Optimal protection for your items is directly linked to the correct box size. Designing a box of the correct size from a cardboard sheet not only reduces the possibility of damage but also ensures the safe delivery of your products. Oversized boxes can be inefficient, causing goods to move excessively & increasing the risk of damage. Conversely, goods housed in a smaller box may face difficulty fitting inside, potentially damaging their edges.

2. Select a Right Box Template

Choosing the appropriate box template is another crucial aspect to consider. Each product has unique packaging needs, making it vital to select an appropriate box type accordingly. Whether it’s a mailer box, shipment box, sleeve, folding carton, two-piece rigid box, or a gable box, the template serves as the foundation for your packaging. Making the right choice enhances your brand’s image & ensures a better fit for your goods.

3. Prepare Your Artwork with Precision

The visual presentation of your packing boxes plays a significant role in capturing the attention of buyers. Even without expensive design tools, a 3D box designer can be an ideal solution. Die line templates offer complete control over your package design’s layout, fonts, colors, & alignment. Ensure a flawless artwork presentation by eliminating cuts or crop marks. Opt for flattened transparency, a highlighted typeface, & utilize vectors or shapes to enhance the visual appeal. Embedding non-visual components strategically adds an extra layer of sophistication.

4. Emphasis on Typography

Typography plays a crucial role in ensuring that your content is legible when printed. Opt for a large or bold font to enhance readability. Avoid delicate font designs that may not translate well in print. Light-colored or white lettering against dark backgrounds can embellish your typeface, but caution is necessary to prevent ink leakage. For corrugated cardboard sheets, a minimum font size of 10 pt is recommended, while for paperboard, it should be at least 6 pt. A strong font type with dark colors, especially when using italics, enhances the appearance of your packaging text.

5. Choose the Best Color Model

The more appealing your packaging, the more consumers you may attract for the long term. Employing color models is the easiest way to create an amazing display for your bespoke cardboard sheets. Consider engaging an expert to ensure the proper implementation of these models. Two main color models, CMYK & PMS, offer different advantages. CMYK allows for dazzling combinations without worrying about pixel breaking, while PMS, despite its higher cost, is used for high-quality printed packaging.

6. Engage Brand Recognition

In today’s competitive business landscape, brand advertising is essential for building a reputation. Custom printed boxes eliminate the need for expensive marketing platforms, offering a comprehensive solution for brand recognition. Utilize your custom boxes as a marketing weapon by incorporating elements linked to your brand, such as logos, images of brand ambassadors, & contact information. These components not only help customers recognize your company but also contribute to the overall marketing strategy.

7. Invest in Advanced Printing Services

Printing services are a critical aspect of custom packaging, & choosing the right method is essential. Three commonly used techniques include:

Flexographic Printing:

Ideal for high-quality printing in one, two, or three basic colors. It is suitable for creating basic artwork that does not change regularly. While an upfront setup fee is incurred, subsequent reprints are less expensive.

Lithographic Printing:

Utilized for highly intricate artwork or complicated printing patterns. A plate is created, & the desired image is burnt into it to make shallow grooves. Although it produces the best results, lithographic printing is the most costly due to significant initial expenditures for plate production.

Digital Printing:

Widespread & cost-effective, digital printing generates a full-color print after just one pass. It is suitable for printing packaging in small quantities with numerous colors or artwork that changes regularly. This method is the most economical as it does not require printing plates.

8. Consider the Versatility of Cardboard

Reflecting on recent purchases emphasizes the versatility of cardboard in packaging. Cardboard is the most adaptable material in the industry, suitable for a wide range of products, including food, clothing, cosmetics, equipment, home goods, & various daily objects. The adaptability of cardboard positions it as an ideal material for packaging solutions across diverse industries.


Custom packaging is a multifaceted strategy that goes beyond protecting products; it contributes to brand identity, marketing, & overall customer experience. By adhering to these valuable guidelines, businesses can harness the power of custom packaging to not only safeguard their products but also elevate their brand presence &, ultimately, increase profits.

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