Is Genshin Impact Or Honkai: Star Rail Better?

Honkai: Star Rail is getting a lot of attention, and some of that is due to its great audio and video quality and funny conversation. The people who play Genshin Impact might even joke that Honkai: Star Rail is the game that has all the changes you’ve been asking for in Genshin Impact from Hoyoverse.

But does Honkai: Star Rail have what it takes to beat its predecessor, which has been the best gacha game for more than three years? There is only one right answer, and that is to compare what these two games have to offer.

Combat Mechanics – Genshin Impact

Physical Trailblazer Ultimate from Honkai: Star Rail and Itto's Burst from Genshin Impact

The way Genshin Impact handles battles is fun because it adds a twist to the way elements respond. This isn’t the first game to mess with the elements, but in this one, they are a big part of the battle. Physical damage isn’t enough to stay alive, even if you have the best physical damage provider in the game.

There are a lot of ways to get out of tough spots in Genshin Impact by bash. Later on, elemental responses let you play with damage numbers. Even at times two speed, Honkai: Star Rail fights often drag on for longer, which is part of the fun of turn-based combat.

Farming Mechanics – Honkai: Star Rail

Domain of Guyun from Genshin Impact and Golden Calyx from Honkai: Star Rail

Genshin Impact can’t be better than its follow-up in this area. When you can only get ascension materials on certain days and your resin goes up to 160, farming can be stressful. As you get closer to the endgame, it gets harder to level up your characters and tools because some resources can only be used on certain days.

All of these issues have been solved in Honkai: Star Rail, which means that farming the required calyxes is now possible every day. You can level up any light cone or figure you want, whenever you want, up to 180 trailblaze power more.

Exploration – Genshin Impact

Gliding around Mt. Aocang in Genshin Impact

The world of Genshin Impact is great for people who like open-world games. In Sumeru, there are lush rainforests and endless dunes. In Liyue, you can climb hills and walk through stone forests. It’s likely that you’ve spent hours discovering the game and played through many patches. With the release of each area, exploration has become easier and more difficult at the same time.

Lots of buildings let you swim, jump, and do other things. Genshin Impact’s regions are big, and their environments aren’t all the same. Often, there are hidden places and lost cities to be found underground.

Game Dialogue – Honkai: Star Rail

Sampo from Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail‘s speech has never been bad. It has the right amount of humor, wit, and character insight, so it easily beats the dialogue in Genshin Impact. People aren’t always nice to you just because you’re the main character. This is shown over and over again in Honkai: Star Rail, from your first meeting with Seele to your meeting with Yukong, who politely declines your assistance.

This doesn’t mean that Genshin Impact’s writing is bad, but it’s hard to beat the funny conversations between trashcans and streetlamps and the natural responses that characters around Caelus and Stelle have based on who they are. In fact, even the NPCs in Honkai: Star Rail have unique personalities and lines of conversation, which makes them much easier to remember than most NPCs in Genshin Impact.

Lore Expansion – Genshin Impact

Skyward Blade Genshin Impact

This is because there isn’t much room to explore. However, Honkai: Star Rail tries to add to myths and tales by having characters interact with the world, its objects, and its people in strange ways. Genshin Impact’s ability to spread bits of history around Teyvat can make you want to explore more, even if it’s not for the chests.

There are some things that could be done to make the way the game adds to its story better, like not using time-limited events to add to the story. It’s still fun to learn about the world you’re in because everything, from objects to plants, holds a piece of Teyvat’s and the gods’ secrets.

Storytelling – Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail Bronya Looking At Window

Honkai: Star Rail‘s story quests don’t drag on, but they are fun to remember. Genshin Impact has a lot of fun places for characters to hang out, and it does a good job of going into more detail about each character’s history and lore. But not every character gets the same treatment. Some story quests and hangouts are much better than others.

Not every story about a character is good, but what about Genshin Impact’s archon quests? The story of Genshin’s world is what kept you playing for years, but there are problems with how many parts were ended.

Character Design – Honkai: Star Rail

Lumine from Genshin Impact and Stelle from Honkai: Star Rail

Because they look like limited skins, Honkai: Star Rail characters would look out of place in Genshin Impact. The character clothes in Honkai: Star Rail are so good that Diluc’s Red Dead Night outfit looked fine. While many other characters in Genshin Impact look like they aren’t dressed right.

There are a lot more NPCs than there were before, though, even without the playable characters. There are different character styles for NPCs, so you wouldn’t be talking to the same person twice. These differences aren’t as big as those between playable characters, but they’re still clear. Geneshin Impact has five guys who look like Timaeus, three kids who look like Timmie, and two people who look like Madame Ping.

Character Presence In The Open World – Honkai: Star Rail

Serval in her workshop from Honkai: Star Rail and Xiao in Wangshuu Inn from Genshin Impact

The game Genshin Impact is already very big, and it will only get bigger as more areas drop. Is it really that big of a deal to see playable people in the open world? It would be great to see Jean, Lisa, and Kaeya close to where the Knights of Favonius’ headquarters are.

Adding things like Diluc taking care of the grapes in Dawn Winery or seeing Beidou in The Crux shouldn’t be too hard to do to make the open world feel more real. In the event that these things do happen sometimes, they only happen during certain times. This makes Teyvat’s world a bit dull, while Honkai: Star Rail’s world is a bit more realistic. Because you can play as people in the places they are supposed to be.

Gacha System – Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail Warp and Genshin Impact Wish

Since the gacha is so generous when you first start Honkai: Star Rail, you probably won’t feel like you’ve lost anything. It gives you almost a free five-star character on its beginner banner after 50 warps. After 300 warps, the regular banner promises you your five-star character of choice.

Don’t get a copy of Tighnari. Instead, get a C6 Diluc. This doesn’t mean that Genshin Impact’s basic banner five-star characters are bad, but the gacha system isn’t very kind either. Even if you’re a new player, Noelle is the only thing that you can count on. You can’t be sure of getting a five-star character in Genshin Impact, so you’ll have to rely on luck.

Animation – Honkai: Star Rail

Ayato's burst from Genshin Impact and Dan Heng's ultimate from Honkai: Star Rail

The lines “I will have order,” “lament,” and “now you shall perish” are famous. And the burst animations that come after them are beautiful. But they can’t beat Honkai: Star Rail because each character’s animations are unique—even four-star characters have beautiful ultimate animations and famous lines.

When you first used Dan Heng’s ultimate, it probably took your breath away when his refuge appeared. When Jing Yuan’s lightning lord slashed all of your enemies, it probably left you speechless. And when Seele’s ultimate appeared, it probably made you drown in a sea of butterflies. Even without the burst or ultimate movements, walking and running in Eggy Car look a lot more like real life than they did in Genshin Impact.

The Verdict – Honkai: Star Rail

Stelle, Dan Heng, and March 7th in Fight Club from Honkai: Star Rail

This is a great gacha open world game called Genshin Impact. Based on these similarities, Honkai: Star Rail beat the other game. But you already know that these are still two very different games with their own experiences. The game Genshin Impact is more likely to make you happy if you like adventure and pressing buttons.

If you enjoy relaxed and fun turn-based battle games, Honkai: Star Rail will be a great choice for you. Honkai: Star Rail is much better than its predecessor in many ways. But you should play both to see which story and gameplay you like better. This will help you decide which game to spend your time on.

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