Wondering how to get instagram 5000 reels views free?

Instagram can surely be considered as a very popular platform that is growing at a fast pace. People all over the world use this platform now-a-days, and the platform regularly comes up with numerous interesting features for its users. So, the users might often wonder how to get Instagram 5000 reels views free.

The concept of reels was introduced on the Instagram platform in the year 2019. This feature enables the users to share a short video of 15-90 second with their followers and friends. A lot of instagram users use this feature regularly for a number of reasons.

These users might want to increase the views on their reels in order to draw the attention of the potential collaborators, as well as advertisers. This will in turn help them to establish a strong presence on the Instagram platform.

During such instances, the users might look for effective methods by which they will be able to enhance their reel views, as well as social media presence. In order to accomplish this task, they must follow certain useful tips. These tips will help them to increase their instagram reel views to a great extent.

Get instagram 5000 reels views free by posting at the right time

  • Time of posting the reels plays a very important role in enhancing the views attained by the reels. You should always try to post the reels, as well as the other contents during the peak hours.
  • For example, if you post the reals during that particular time when your followers are active, then you will be able to achieve more views. But, if you post the content while everyone is asleep, then nobody is going to watch your reels.
  • Here, the trick is to figure out the particular time during which your followers will be active on Instagram. Thereafter, you should try to post the contents on Instagram during that specific time period.
  • If you are new to this platform, and are wondering how to enhance the views on your reels, then you should try to post the contents at different times of the day. Then, you have to closely monitor these reels to figure out the particular time during which you are getting the most views. Followed by that, you should post your contents during this particular time. 

Use Hashtags to enhance reel views

  • In case you are wondering how to get instagram 5000 reels views free, then hashtags are something that you should be using.
  • Now, we all know how a hashtag works. As soon as someone taps on a reel’s hashtag, they will be able to come across a page which contains more reels that use the same hashtag.
  • Hence, by using suitable hashtags on your reel, you will be able to enhance the chances of your reel reaching a wider audience base. As a result, more and more people will be able to see your reel on this page.
  • If they like the reels that you are posting, then they might end up following you. Thus, this technique will also help you to gain more followers for free.
  • However, it should be noted that while using hashtags, you should try to use hashtags that are popular, as well as within your niche.

Create some suspense in your reels

  • The instagrammers who are looking for efficient methods to enhance their reel views can also try introducing an element of suspense in their reels. As we all know, suspense raises curiosity, and people will feel the urge to go through your contents.
  • The users can accomplish this by using the captions in such a manner that they raise immense curiosity, and eagerness in the minds of the audience. Hence, they will instantly swipe to watch your reels.

How to get instagram 5000 reels views free with valuable content?

  • While posting any content on social media platforms, you have to keep in mind that, audience these days are quite intelligent, and they will not encourage the contents that lack value.
  • So, you should always try to post valuable content for your users. To begin with, you will have to choose the particular niche in which you will be working.
  • Thereafter, you should make reels and post contents regarding that particular niche only. Maintaining this consistency, and bringing forth valuable contents will automatically ensure more reel views.
  • Currently, there are several kinds of reel content, and you can choose the particular space where you are most comfortable. Some of the popular niches are recipes, informational, educational, funny, tutorials, etc.
  • After selecting your niche, you should think about innovative ways by which you will be able to come forward with valuable content regularly. This will boost your reel views in a consistent manner.

Conduct Giveaway contests

  • If you are thinking how to get instagram 5000 reels views free, then you can try conducting some giveaway contests on your platform. Such contests will help in promoting your Instagram account to a great extent. As a result, you will be able to gain more followers on Instagram.
  • Now more followers mean you will automatically be securing more views. According to several studies, if an Instagram account conducts giveaway contests regularly, then they will be able to grow their number of followers 50% faster when compared to an account that uses other techniques.
  • So, make sure you are hosting some giveaway contests on your Instagram account regularly. In addition to that, you should post about the giveaway contests in an attractive manner.


We have seen how to get instagram 5000 reels views free. So, if you are tired of posting reels, and not getting the desired number of views, then you can definitely think about implementing the above mentioned tips. Additionally, you should always try to use some hot and trending music in your reels. You should also try to follow the different guidelines stated by the Instagram platform. This will help in impressing the Instagram algorithm, and as a result, your reels will be shown to the audiences automatically.   

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