Getting school admission in international private schools in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is known around the world for its opulence and high standard of living. Being the capital of the United Arab Emirates, it plays a very significant role in the region. It is also home to a very large expat population that contributes in a big way to the nation’s economy.Many of these expats live there with their families including their children as Abu Dhabi has some really good international private schools. 

In fact school admission in Anu Dhabi is not that difficult to obtain thanks to the presence of these international private schools. Let us look at some of the leading educational institutions that are ideal for school admission in Abu Dhabi.

1. Global indian International School, Abu Dhabi

Global Indian International School, Abu Dhabi is one of the best known private schools in Abu Dhabi. It boasts a world class campus with a slew of cutting edge facilities and amenities. Offering classes from pre nursery to grade 12, it has some of the most experienced and highly qualified teachers anywhere who ensure that every child gets the individual attention he or she needs to grow to their full potential.

The school offers its students access to the renowned Global Montessori Plus and CBSE curricula ensuring that they receive the most comprehensive 21st century education. The school is a great believer in providing the students every opportunity to excel at both academics and extracurricular activities, which are vital components of modern holistic education. The success of the school in shaping the lives of its students in the best possible way is borne out by their academic performance and ability to obtain admission to the best colleges and universities.

2. Abu Dhabi International School

Abu Dhabi International School is one of the best known and most sought after private schools in the region providing world class holistic education to students from kindergarten to high school levels. It has a world class campus with cutting edge infrastructure and some of the best teachers anywhere. Founded in 1992, the school is truly international in the sense that it provides its students with the American, British and IB diploma programmes. 

The school is particularly popular with the expats given its very international ethos and methods of education. The students of the school are encouraged to excel at both academics and extracurricular activities helping them grow into well rounded individuals par excellence.

3. Repton Abu Dhabi

Repton school Abu Dhabi is a quintessentially British school with centuries old traditions that define its distinctive way of shaping the character of its students. This nursery to year 13 school offers its students the GCSE and Sixth Form curricula at the high school level which ensures that all the students learn, grow and develop in the best possible manner. Everything about the school from its teachers to its infrastructure is world class making the school the natural choice for expat children from countries around the world. The school accords a lot of importance to both academics and extracurricular activities ensuring that every child receives a modern holistic education. It is not surprising that the school has a stellar reputation with regard to the ability of its students to obtain admission to some of the best colleges and universities in the world.


Getting admission in private international schools in Abu Dhabi is quite a simple affair owing to the large number of great schools the emirate boasts. These schools play a very crucial role in allowing expats to work and live in Abu Dhabi, with their families on account of not having to worry about their children getting a good schooling.

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