FIFA 23: 10 Best Hidden Gems For Career Mode In England

Sometime the best way to help your team win is to spend a lot of money on the best possible players. Here is a list of the best FIFA 23 secret gems you should check out.

One of the best parts of FIFA 23 is Career Mode, and a lot of people enjoy handling the different teams. You can pick any team in the game and do well with them by getting the right people.

If you’re in charge of a club that doesn’t have a lot of money to spend, you will have to be careful about who you sign and look for players who aren’t worth much but could become stars. There are some of the best football players in the world in England’s lower leagues. This part lists the best hidden gems you might find there.

Gabriel Slonina, Chelsea

An image of Gabriel Slonina in FIFA 23

It became clear that Gabriel Slonina was one of the best young goalkeepers in football, and in August 2022, Chelsea signed him. But he hasn’t played for the club yet. He would be a great addition to your team in FIFA 23 and could fill in as a goalkeeper.

EA has given him a great score of 66, and he could get as high as 81. To get him, you’ll have to pay between €1.5 million and €2 million. If you don’t want to pay the full amount, you can try a loan-to-buy deal.

Emre Tezgel, Stoke City

An image of Emre Tezgel in FIFA 23

Emre Tezgel is a rising star striker for Stoke City. He made his start in January 2022, making him the club’s youngest player to ever play a game. He is quick, can shoot, and can dribble the ball well, so he could be the secret gem you’ve been looking for in a striker.

Since Emre Tezgel starts with an overall grade of 56, it would be very cheap to buy him in the first few seasons. Even so, he would get a lot bigger over the course of the seasons since he has a potential of 82.

Ashley Phillips, Blackburn Rovers

An image of Ashley Phillips in FIFA 23

It might be hard to find a secret gem for the center back spot, but you can sign Ashley Phillips if you need someone to fill that spot. The young talent has a 60 rating in the game and an 82 rating at the plate, which means he should be pretty good after five or six seasons.

To your surprise, the defender is pretty quick for their position. This will help you when you’re facing fast attackers or when your opponents are on the counterattack. You can help him pass better by giving him a growth plan and turning him into a defender who plays with the ball.

Rory Wilson, Aston Villa

An image of Rory Wilson in FIFA 23

Rory Wilson, along with Emre Tezgel, is another great player who can play striker. Wilson is seen as the future of Scotland’s attack on paper. This player has a rating of 59 in FIFA 23, and you can use him to rebuild lower-level teams.

Based on his ability, he can get as high as 83, and you can play him over and over to get him there. He might even go beyond that promise and become a force to be reckoned with if he does well.

Julio César Enciso, Brighton

An image of Julio Cesar Enciso in FIFA 23

You can find prospects from all over the world at Brighton. Julio César Enciso is one of them. Some beautiful goals have already been scored by him in the Premier League, and getting him in Career Mode might be a great idea.

He starts with an overall rating of 66. But he has the ability to get as high as 83 in the game. He is good as an attacking midfielder, but he can also play on either side of the wings. He is from Paraguay.

Luke Mbete, Manchester City (Loaned To Bolton)

An image of Luke Mbete in FIFA 23

It’s not easy to find good left-footed center backs, so Luke Mbete could be a great addition to your defense. It might be a good idea to sign the 63-rated Happy Wheels player because he is physically strong and has good speed and defense stats in FIFA 23.

Luke Mbete has a lot of promise. He can score 82 goals, and you can help him grow over the years to become a great player. No matter what, you will have to wait until the second season to try to sign the young defender because he is on loan during the first season.

Archie Gray, Leeds United

An image of Archie Gray in FIFA 23

Once you take over a low-level club, Archie Gray is the kind of new blood you need to rebuild for a long time. In Career Mode, the person has a good rating of 60 and can get as high as 84, which is enough for any team to win the big titles.

He’ll be great as a center midfielder and help you run the game from the middle of the field. Besides that, he’s great at scoring goals, so turning him into an attacking midfielder might be a great idea.

Kobbie Mainoo, Manchester United

An image of Kobbie Mainoo in FIFA 23

Man United is one of, if not the best football team in England, and they have always had great players. The club has produced the next generation of talent in Kobbie Mainoo. He can be a great buy because he can play many different parts.

The player’s skills have mostly been put to use as a CAM, but he can really play any spot in the midfield, whether it’s CDM, CM, or CAM. When it comes to Kobbie Mainoo’s stats, his current FIFA 23 rating is 62, but his potential rating is 84.

Ben Doak, Liverpool

An image of Ben Doak in FIFA 23

In December 2022, Ben Doak played his first Premier League game for Liverpool. He was the youngest player from Scotland to ever play in a Premier League game. In FIFA 23’s Career Mode, you can sign him as a winger to make your team’s attack more exciting and make the other team afraid.

The player has a rating of 62 and is very quick with the ball, which lets you blow past the other team’s defenses. His potential, on the other hand, is 84, and you will pass the 70-point mark in two to three seasons.

Lewis Miley, Newcastle

An image of Lewis Miley in FIFA 23

The exciting young player for Newcastle is Lewis Miley. They made it into the Champions League after the 2022–2023 season. The best way to use him for your club in the Career Mode is as a CDM, CAM, or LM. His grade is 60.

When it comes to his potential, the secret gem can reach level 84, and if you can get him, you won’t have to worry about signing an aggressive midfielder. Also, getting the wonderkid wouldn’t cost much, and any money spent on him would definitely be worth it.

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