How to Save Money at Sephora: 10 Easy Steps 

When it comes to cosmetics and other beauty supplies, Sephora is among the best places to shop. It’s a one-stop-destination for many fashionistas since it sells hundreds of brands in various categories, including skincare and fragrance.

All of those tempting items might add up in price, too. A poll of 1,400 U.S. adults in a recent survey revealed that women spend an average of $46 per month on beauty, with Millennials and younger generations spending even more. The typical American spends more than $550 annually on cosmetics and personal care.

The good news is that Sephora offers cash for Sephora points and free samples, which may help you upgrade your cosmetic routine without breaking the bank. You may save money and obtain free Sephora goods by following these guidelines.

Shop for Sephora-branded Items and Save Money

Shop the company’s items and save money, as is the case with most companies. In place of, say, a more expensive moisturizer from a different brand, you may save money by opting for one from Sephora.

You may save money by comparing prices across brands while shopping at Sephora since their goods are constantly on sale. Check how much money you can save by comparing prices online as you browse through the Sephora Collection.

Shop Sephora’s Beauty Sales Regularly

Always check the sale area to see what’s on discount, even if you have anything particular in mind, anytime you visit the site. The best way to avoid missing out on sales on obscure gadgets and fan-favorite items is to make checking for discounts a regular habit, especially because different brands and categories have sales at other times.

Click Over to an Online Store that Offers Cash Back

Using a Cash Back rewards site like RebatesMe, you can save money on every Sephora purchase you make. The website offers a Cash Back bonus anywhere between 2% and 8% on purchases made at Using these portals is very convenient and helps you to get the best deals and discounts. 

Find the Sephora Discount Coupons

The simplest way to save money on Sephora is to look for promotional codes before purchasing. For the most up-to-date offers, check the Cash Back websites like RebatesMe. 

Get the Sephora App

Saving money at Sephora is as easy as downloading the app. Same-day delivery may be available in your region via third-party delivery services. Instructions are available for in-store and curbside pickups that you can only access through the app.

Sign Up for a Student Discount 

To put it simply, being in the university is fantastic. However, the financial hardship that comes with repaying college debts is not. On the other hand, if you shop for Sephora via, you may earn up to 10% Cash Back.

Get in on the Beauty Insider action!

The significance of this cannot be overstated. Joining Beauty Insider is free; you can access many benefits once you do. Membership perks include a free birthday present each year and chances to participate in in-store activities and amass unlimited points. You may cash in those points for freebies and luxury product samples so that they will be helpful.

Use Semiannual Discounts on Your Calendar Right Now!

A Beauty Insider may save up to 15% on items by getting them up to two months early. Prepare a wish list of beauty products and save your splurges for these twice-yearly occasions. Invest that extra cash on more of your favorite expensive serums.

Acquire Sephora’s Social Media Feeds

Following Sephora on social media platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook is a terrific way to stay up-to-date on the latest bargains and limited-time offers. You may also discover exciting new products and styles there. Select items at Sephora may now be purchased using your Instagram account as payment.

With Credit Card Purchases, Get Cash Back

Using a Cash Back credit card to pay for your Sephora shopping is another excellent method to save money. Credit cards provide bonus Cash Back (sometimes 5% or more) when purchasing this way. Let’s say you use a credit card that offers 5% Cash Back on all online purchases to buy $100 worth of Sephora products.

Credit cards with the Sephora name are also readily available. As a bonus for signing up, your first purchase with the card will be discounted by 25%. In addition to the 4% Cash Back and double Beauty Insider points for every dollar spent, several other perks are associated with using a Sephora credit card.

Think Forward 

Making a list of things you could use up in the next few months and buying it at Sephora while it’s on sale is a terrific way to rack up Cash Back rewards.

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