Discover Amazing Health Benefits of Traditional Indian Food

Indians have different cultures, languages, and foods that you might not even be aware of. With such a huge variety in food, India has the best ingredients and food options for better health. You can order various Indian spices with Blinkit coupons through Cashaly.

Indian diversity is popular around the world with its diverse food and high-quality ingredients. The natural herbs and spices create a wonderful taste when blended the right way. Indian mothers are the best at cooking food and making it more healthy.

Keep reading the blog to learn more about the amazing health benefits of traditional Indian food.

Traditional Indian Foods and Their Benefits

Let us go through the different Indian foods and how they are good for health.

Variety in Food

In India, we have a huge variety of food, and our bodies also require different nutrients. These nutrients are present in several different foods based on the region and farming of the food. These foods are available in local and national supermarkets, making them accessible to everyone.

Some foods might be expensive but have amazing benefits for your health. However, you must choose your health over price. If you plan out a healthy diet, you can improve your health by only eating healthy foods that are easily available in India.

Variety of Grains

India is rich in different types of grains that other countries don’t have or cannot farm due to their different land, soil, and weather conditions. We have so much variety that we can eat different grains every day in a week. Most of these grains contain essential nutrients that our body needs.

Grains like bajra, nachni, jowar, chana, rice, atta, and many more are available in great quantity and quality. Dalia, sabut kuttu, sama ke chawal, and ragi are some of the grains that you can add to your daily diet and that will make your meals tastier and healthier.


With a wide range of dal, you can get good-quality proteins, which is the best option for people who are vegetarians. Dal is one of the easiest recipes that you can prepare in less than 20 minutes, depending on the type of dal you choose. It is also a tastier option that you can add to your daily diet, with a tadka enhancing its taste.

You must add Indian spices to prepare a healthy meal of dal. Chana dal, kala chana, lobiia, urad dal (dhuli and chilka), sabut urad, hara cholia, kabuli chana, moong dal, sabut moong, masoor, arhar, and rajma are some of the dal that you will find in Indian kitchens.

Traditional Thalis

Thalis are the go-to meals in India when it comes to having the desi khana. A traditional thali has various dishes depending on your preferences. You will find small bowls of different dishes such as dal, sabzi, and raita. Other dishes include rice, roti, and pickles that enhance your hunger and taste.

You will also find a sweet dish, making it a complete meal and filling your tummy with healthy food. Different restaurants have different sizes of thali and dishes served. It might also have some papad that makes it more yummy, keeping health in mind.


You will find more than one cooking oil in Indian kitchens that is healthy and makes your food more delicious. Oils such as mustard oil, peanut oil, coconut oil, and groundnut oil make it versatile for you to cook food in these healthy oils.

However, these oils are now not healthy enough due to the method used to prepare them. Many brands claim to provide these oils, but they contain a high amount of mineral oil that is not healthy for your body. You can opt for cold-pressed oils that are pure and help you stay fit.

Indian Salts

In India, we have different types of salt that serve different purposes. These salts taste different and are used in different types of foods. The most common salt that is used nowadays is the white refined version salt, which is considered unhealthy.

There are different types of healthy salts available in India, such as black salt, pink salt, and rock salt. If you are eating healthy food but not using healthy salts, then you must switch to these salts, making your healthy diet even healthier.

Indian curry

Indian curry is the most common dish that you will find in almost everyday meals. Different types of curries are prepared with different types of ingredients. One common ingredient is tomato, which is used to prepare curry or gravy for foods like paneer, potatoes, mushrooms, and various other vegetables.

With the right amount of ingredients, Indian curry can reduce inflammation. One famous curry is the one made with besan and curd, which is good for health. It also helps keep your immune system active and reduces the risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Pickles and chutneys

Pickles and chutneys are a must-have with your meal when having Indian food. Pickles are prepared using mango, lemon, or any such food item with pure mustard oil or any other oil and salt that acts as preservatives, keeping the pickles ready to eat for a long time.

Chutneys are always prepared with the meal and served fresh. You can use fresh coriander leaves, peanuts, onions, or any other item to prepare chutney. With this, you can add salt and some spices with lemon juice to make it tasty and healthy. They are best for digestion, especially when you have had a heavy diet.


In this blog, we have discussed the amazing health benefits of traditional Indian food. Now order your groceries with Swiggy coupons through Cashaly to save more on daily needs. We have the best food in terms of health, variety, and culture.

Make your diet more healthy with Indian food items and avoid fast food that doesn’t belong to Indian cuisine. It is said that you must have food that is farmed near you and not too far from where you live. As your body is aware of those food requirements more than those farmed miles away from you.