Commercial & Industrial Solar Installation Services in Chandigarh

More & More businesses are turning to solar energy as a way to manage cost. Commercial solar makes great business sense. You can lower your current operating expenses and provide peace of mind against rising energy costs, and tap into the growing customer base that look for environmentally responsible vendors that are focused on sustainable energy strategies. With recent decreases in solar equipment prices make the investment in solar power a good financial decision for businesses. An investment in solar power can generate quick payback as well as long term savings.

Find Your Commercial Solar Solution With Surya Rayforce

With a thorough understanding of the energy transition and solar power systems, we can assist our customers in determining the best and most effective path to 100 percent renewable energy while balancing and future-proofing their power systems as required by future flexible grids.

  • In House R&D
  • Guaranteed Savings
  • Generation Guarantee
  • No Technical or Financial Risk
  • Minimum Space Usage
  • Iot – Based Remote Monitoring
  • Minimum Project Cost
  • Hassle-free Maintenance

Benefits of installing commercial solar power plant

Zero Energy Production Costs – Solar energy does not require any other power source to function; therefore, its maintenance and energy production expenses are almost zero. The only costs involved with solar energy utilization are the components’ manufacturing and installation. This implies that there are no further expenses connected with its use despite the high initial expenditure, allowing the installation to be swiftly repaid.

Save Electricity Bills – Solar plants are a renewable source of energy that is not subject to market fluctuations. It necessitates a considerable initial expenditure, which is mitigated by a quick amortization of the investment. Most significantly, it is an infinite and continuous energy source with no further maintenance or consumption expenditures.

Use Existing Space – Solar projects often need a considerable quantity of land to install panels and other equipment. Solar panel installations on a building’s roof are accomplished by leveraging the current space available on the roof, reducing the need to purchase more land. Furthermore, the panels protect the roof of the building or industrial shed where they are installed.

Low Maintenance – As it does not require moving components or fuel, the solar model has very low yearly maintenance and recurrent expenditures. In the case of off-grid installations, the system requires maintenance annual module and battery replacement every 3-4 years.

Becomes a green business –

Generatng electricity form solar energy means your company uses less fossil fuel, reducing pollution and green house gas emissions. By switching to solar power your company does its part to fight climate change and to reduce our county’s dependence of foreign energy sources. But the benefits go further being a sustainable cannot only reduce your operating costs, but can also be a positive public relations and marketing tools. Research shows that a growing number of consumers make their buying decisions based on companies environmental policy.

At Surya Rayforce we understand the frustration that accompanies high energy costs. We are happy to provide solutions to our clients that are interested in reversing their utility bills within green savings and credits from renewable solar energy. We provide full time of services for business and industrial clients and understand the complexities of system integration that can affect your business.

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