5 Best Cafes in North Goa That You Must Visit Once

The desire to travel and try out new things always leads to unique surprises and experiences. And Goa is no exception to this rule as India’s top holiday destination. With wonderful nightlife and the best cafes in north Goa, there are plenty of places to explore.

In this blog, we look at the top five cafes in north Goa that are a must-visit for several reasons.

The Best Five North Goa Cafes to Never Miss on Holiday

1. Anjoned Hostel & Cafe

A hostel and cafe in north Goa that presents a unique and different vibe on a holiday in Anjuna Goa As the best hostel in Anjuna, it also houses a dynamic cafe environment for the discerning and quality-conscious traveller and tourist. The cafe is known for its rich upholstery and interior decor, along with the ever-soothing vibe of groovy music and rhythms. Equipped with indoor and outdoor seating, it offers grand sea, beach, and expansive scenery views. The cafe is famously thronged by both local and foreign tourists, enjoying great beverages and delicious gourmet cuisine. The additional live music and entertainment make the cafe in Anjuna, north Goa, a must-visit.

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2. Sort by Stays

An urbanly situated hostel for backpackers with a modern cafe and bar that serves uniquely delicious treats from beverages to multicuisine gourmet. This gives every visit to north Goa a positive feel and experience. The 24/7 cafe and bar serves some of the most scintillating cuisines, a mix of local and other global multi-cuisine varieties. Sort by Stays combines popular and common foods with classic tastes to make every guest and tourist feel welcome and at home. The 24/7 cafe and bar mean you can order anything at any time.

3. Carpe Diem, Majorda

Carpe Diem essentially means seize the day or pluck the day in Latin. You can set the tone for your cafe experience with multiple things to do. The cafe is located in an old art gallery dating back centuries. From its name, the Cape Diem Cafe has retained the rustic appeal and charm of the gallery. The cafe gives guests and tourists spacious surroundings, cosy and artistically displayed art, and a retro vibe. The cafe has an all-day menu that covers select waffles, milkshakes, and sandwiches. The foods and beverages can be enjoyed at any time of the day, either while enjoying a book or just chilling out. The cafe is the top one to visit on a Goan holiday.

4. Blue Planet Cafe, Canacona

This is a relaxed, laid-back, and refreshing open-air cafe with a calmer feel, especially for those conscious of noise. Blue Planet Cafe has a reputation as one of Goa’s best and top cafes for true vegans. It is set in the middle of verdant natural greenery, a testament to its sustainable credentials. The surrounding beauty of captivating hills takes you to a place to rest in no time. You can hear the chimes and chirpings of birds and other elegant flora and fauna. There is always a throng of visitors, with foreigners attracted by its solitude, especially for readers and work-from-home types. You can treat yourself to some of the most delicious cheesecakes while savouring the fresh breezes and brilliant landscapes of greenery around you.

5. Waterfalls Cafe, Benaulim

A beautiful multicuisine restaurant & cafe is one of the best places to while away your time on holiday in Goa. This cafe exudes great promise for dinners and romantics at heart. Be a Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary, birthday celebration, or other memorable event to share. The well-laid-out cafe gives you sufficient space to relax and chill while rejoicing in life’s most beautiful moments. You can enjoy a range of delicacies while taking in the beautiful scenery and views. Waterfalls Cafe is among the best cafes in north Goa to visit. It is special for guests and tourists inclined to try out new cuisines and tastes.

Final remarks

It’s good to recognise that Goa provides multiple ways to chill and relax, and cafes are part of that vibrant mix. Goa never disappoints, and different cafes like the Anjoned Hostel & Cafe have multiple activities to engage their guests and audiences. There is always thrill and excitement while exploring the multiple aspects of the top five cafes in north Goa to visit.

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