Major Benefits of the Emerald Gemstone

Emerald is an amazing, beautiful, attractive, and one of the most demandable gemstones of all time. This stone comes in a deep green color which is quite alluring. The transparency and shimmer of the emerald add to its elegance. Because of its tremendous beauty, people wear emerald stones all the time in the form of jewelry like rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

But there is another side of an Emerald gemstone that makes this stone more valuable. It is its astrological significance. In India, an emerald stone is popularly known as the Panna Ratna. A Panna stone is believed to be a stone of luxury and wealth as well as intellect and prosperity. This pure gemstone in astrology is said to bring positive vibes to the person who wears it. And so people wear this stone to gain its many benefits.

In this article, we will discuss these major Emerald gemstone benefits.

Benefits of Wearing an Emerald Gemstone

Natural emerald stones impact the person well well-being in the aspects of mind, body as well as soul.

Read all these benefits of wearing an Emerald stone here:

Removes the Bad Effects of Mercury 

Original Panna stones as per the Vedic astrology are in link with planet Mercury. Mercury in a bad position in one’s birth chart can cause negativity in their life. Hence to remove the bad effects of Mercury, wearing a Panna stone is recommendable.

However, before wearing an emerald, do consult with your astrologer.

Activates the Heart Chakra 

The Emerald gemstone activates the heart chakra energy center in the body of the wearer. This energy center is responsible for enhancing love and harmony-like feelings in the wearer. This will also increase synchronization with your closest relationships.

The belief is also that the emerald stone will reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. And so its soothing energies will help you keep calm and be more at ease with yourself.

Beneficial for Women 

In ancient times, people used to tie an emerald gemstone around the stomach of a pregnant woman. This is because the stone will protect both the mother and the child. It was also a saying that the emerald helps in decreasing the chances of miscarriages and provides relief from labor pain.

The stone will also regulate the hormones in women and assist in maintaining the menstrual cycle.

Increases Confidence and Communication Skills

A Panna stone with its immense powers will bring you positive vibes. These vibes help you be more confident and self-assured. Increasing your belief in yourself, the stone will also give you the strength to take steps towards a better life.

The Emerald will also improve the intellect of the person who wears this gem. It gives them knowledge and insights as well as mental clarity. Removing the confusion from your mind, the emerald will help you be more clear and make better decisions.

Also, the stone will boost your communication skills and creative skills which will make you more expressionable. It will open your mind to newer perspectives and ideas.

Attracts Luck and Serenity 

A genuine emerald gemstone will increase the focus of the wearer and help them be more concentrated in their life on the important things. It will also attract luck, prosperity, and luxury into your life. Your fortune will meet your hard work to bring you success.

The optimistic energies will also keep your mind calm and will attract serenity.

Healing Properties of the Emerald Stone 

An original emerald gemstone with its powers connected to the universe will also give you health benefits. The vibrations which will flow through your body with the stone will heal you. The stone will especially heal and strengthen your immune system. The immune system of a person is the body’s first line of defence which protects us from toxic substances and falling ill.

Panna stone will also cure allergies and skin conditions and make your skin healthy. Also, if you have any respiratory system related problems, Emerald will cure them. 

Speech disorders are also treated with the powers of an emerald gemstone.


A Emerald gemstone is beautiful and elegant which is why it is often used to make gorgeous pieces of jewelry. This stone in astrology signifies luxury and royalty. History also describes the importance of an Emerald stone and how it was seen as a stone for the royal people.

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