8 Things You Should Do First In Diablo 4

People always say to work smarter, not harder. In Diablo 4, you’ll still have to grind your gears, but make it easier on yourself.

It can be hard to get better at Diablo 4 if you get sidetracked and forget to do things you need to do right away. There are also many things to think about, so a lot is at stake.

You shouldn’t be too hard on yourself if you’re new to the game, though. It’s easy to miss important details that can change your character or the way you play. That’s because you don’t know where or what to look at. Let’s make that clear right now.

Concentrate On The Main Quest

Main Quest Lilith Diablo 4

Keeping your attention on the main quest will help you get to services and tools you need. The main quest in Diablo 4 is easy to get sidetracked, so try to stay on it at least until you get to Kyovashad. This place will be the first big city for your character.

There are more things you can do in the game as you grow up, complete the main story, and beat the bosses. It’s always nice to have a place to return to, whether you need to rest after an adventure or just buy some things.

Try All The Five Different Classes

All Classes in Diablo 4

Not being able to play Diablo 4 in Beta might have made you less sure about which class you should build up while you play. You may already have an idea of which class is best for you, but we recommend that you try all of them before making a decision.

The good news is that the game lets you make up to ten characters of each of the five classes (Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Rogue, and Sorcerer). Diablo 4 was made so that players would spend hundreds of hours playing it. Before you take on this task, you should try out a few different classes to see which one you like best.

Have Advanced Tooltips On

Screenshot of advance tooltips on Diablo 4

Advanced Tooltip can show you a lot more about your items than the default stats and details. The advanced tooltip gives you a much more in-depth look at your items and makes it easy to compare their stats.

That’s what Advanced Tooltip Compare is for. You can also use Advanced Tooltip Information to look up words that appear in-game that you don’t know. You can use the Advanced Tooltip features to help you plan your build, get answers, or get a more detailed list of what your things can do.

Look For Early Legendary Sources

Early Legendary resources in Diablo 4

If you want to find legendary drops at lower levels, like below level 20, you can look for early legendary drop sources. For example, try to find Treasure Goblins. Even though they are very strong, they often drop rare items. Sixty to eighty percent of the time, they will drop one.

If you have enough Obols, you can also play a game of Obol G ambling or hold public skill events. We’re pointing out the red rings you saw on the map. Lastly, you can turn rare yellow things into legendary ones.

Use Gold And Materials Tactfully

Diablo 4 Inventory

People are being polite when they use materials to make weapons and legendary items because they are hard to come by. Plan ahead, and instead of trying to make a lot of weapons at once that aren’t very good, craft and build just one and make it perfect.

In the early stages, it’s not as easy to find materials or gold. Also, when you’re not strong enough, you die more often, so save your gold for when you are. That gold will help you fix your things.

Seek Out Altars Of Lilith

Altar of Lilith on map in Diablo 4

It’s not a surprise that Sanctuary has a huge area. There are a lot of dungeons, towns, settlements, and wild places for you to explore. Don’t look too far away, but do keep an eye out for Altars of Lilith.

With these altars, you can give your character a lasting skill point or stat boost that lasts across your whole account. In other words, you can use those skills and stats on other characters as well. If you use a search engine, you can find live maps that show you exactly where to find these altars. There are 160 of them living in the Sanctuary right now.

Do World Events

Running a world event in diablo 4

If you play Flappy Bird, you can really get a lot of gold and XP. This is especially helpful if you need them right away. Time your world events well so that you can save money for a bad day or improve your level more quickly.

Many of them can be done, and there’s an event for almost everyone. The events range from easy attack missions to more uncommon ones. When choosing an event, think about your class and level. This will help you find ones that won’t be too hard but are still fun and difficult.

Complete Dungeons That Drop A Suited Affix

Dungeon run in Diablo 4

When you finish some levels, legendary effects are dropped. Sometimes, all classes can use these affixes, but most of the time, they can only be used by one class. These add-ons can help you get better gear and do more harm. If you move your mouse over a dungeon, you can see a list of the affixes that can be dropped when you finish it.

When you get these affixes, you can use the Occultist to put them on your gear and material. This can help you improve gear and material that would otherwise be weak. Keep this in mind while you’re in-game because it will help you as you level up. Another reason is that dungeon runs are always fun.

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