8 Things You Need To Know About Indian Leopards

Indian Leopard is one of the subspecies of the leopard. These big cats are widely distributed, on the Indian subcontinent and many people threaten these leopards and trade their skin and body parts illegally. But to save these wild cats, there are some leopard reserves in India like Jawai Bandh, Jhalana, and others who have started reserving this endangered species. When we talk about Indian leopards they have strong legs, well-formed tails, broad muzzles, small yellowish-grey eyes, short ears, and light-grey ocular bulbs. When we shed light on the leopard’s physical appearance then, its coat is spotted and rosette on a pale yellow to brom-yellowish or a golden background. There are many more interesting things you need to know about Indian Leopards. In this blog, we will discuss eight things about Indian Leopards by which everyone will get to know these wild cats more. Whenever you go for the leopard safari or book any tour operator in India for a safari these interesting facts give you a more thrilling experience and make your safari successful.

8 Interesting things you didn’t know about Indian leopards:

Leopards can see seven times better than humans in the dark: It is one of the most interesting, things about leopards that they can see 7 times better than humans. The reason behind this is that the pupil of this wild cat’s eyes constricts according to the amount of light that directly enters the leopard’s eye. Their adapted retinas make them exceptional nocturnal humans.

Leopard’s tail is almost as long as their body: When we talk about leopards, we can’t skip this interesting, thing about Indian leopards. Numerous wild animals use their tail for different functions. Leopards make use of their long tail to experience their mood. It is also a form of communication and for enhanced movement. One of the biggest, advantages of having a long tail is that it allows leopards to increase their balance while climbing, and they can turn sharply when chasing prey like a rudder with the help of their long tail.

jawai leopard

Indian Leopards are the most distributed cat in India: Although it is difficult to spot the leopards on safari. But there are some leopard reserves in India where you can easily spot these wild cats like Jawai leopard safari. Jawai Bandh is a hilly area situated in the Pali district of Rajasthan, and leopards can be found in a variety of habitats from desert to high mountains to coastal regions. So if you want to spot this endangered species then you can book any tour operator in for Jawai leopard safari.

Leopards will eat almost anything: When we talk about what leopards eat, their prey options are surprisingly wide. Leopards can eat anything for example, antelopes, baboons, rodents, fish, birds, reptiles, hares, hyraxes, rodents, monkeys, warthogs, and many more. To prevent their food from the lions and hyenas leopards, drag the killed prey into trees, and they can carry up to 3 times their body weight.

Leopards are born with blue eyes: When we talk about leopard cubs, they are born blind, and their eyes will open only after a few days with bright blue in color. Lady leopard or, we can say cub’s mother hides their babies in a secret den for the first few weeks of life. One of the interesting, things about these cubs is that they are born without a clearly spotted coat, the iconic spots only begin to develop after a few days.

Leopards are the strongest cats in the animal kingdom: We know that leopards are the smallest of big cats, but the fact is that they are strong cats. When we talk about their power, they have the ability to hoist a carcass of up to 50kg into a tree.

Black leopards exist: It is one of the most interesting, things about leopards, is that black leopards exist. Many people are confused with panthers. The difference between black leopards and panthers is that leopards have a rosette pattern on their fur while panthers are completely black. If you want to spot these black leopards, book a leopard safari and explore the wilderness with any tour operator in Jawai.

View from the tree-top: As we all know, leopards are masterful climbers. Along with this, one of the facts is that they usually spend their day hidden among the trees or within caves. Rather than that, they can also jump from one tree to another and navigate their way through the forest or to attack unsuspecting prey.

Summing it Up:

By reading this blog, readers will get to know some interesting, things about the Indian leopards. We tried to cover almost all the interesting facts and things about leopards by which you will get to know the detailed view about them. So if you want to feel the real thrill and see this endangered species then must try to explore Jawai Bandh in the Pali district of Rajasthan. So, whenever you are on a trip to Jawai we suggest you book your stay at Thour Nature Resorts. By choosing this resort in Jawai you can double your enjoyment and add charm to your trip. Here you will find all the luxurious amenities. Along with this, there is no need to book a Jawai leopard safari from anywhere because they also provide tour operator services in Jawai. So must try to stay at this resort and get a chance to learn more about Indian Leopards.

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