8 Best Hittite Units In Total War: Pharaoh

Hittite flanking strikes are very strong in Total War: Pharaoh. Use them to fight for the Thousand Gods!

By the time Total War: Pharaoh starts, the Hittites are in bad shape. Their kingdom is on the verge of civil war because nobles who want power want to replace the Great King. They have never fully recovered from the Battle of Qadesh that happened decades ago.

In Anatolia, battles can be very different from those in the deserts to the south. In Anatolia, you can depend on heavy infantry without having to worry about casualties, and there are lots of trees where you can set up ambushes. Fill your teams with these top-notch Hittite soldiers, and it will be easy to get Hatti back!

Armoured Hattusan Archers

An Armoured Hattusan Archer next to a stylized image of Suppiluliuma in a chariot wielding the Golden Spear of the High King in Total War: Pharaoh

When the Hittites fight, lines of bowmen aren’t as important as they are for the Egyptians, but if you’re Suppiluliuma, you should play with these guys anyway. They can hit pretty hard with their arrows, and they have Rapid Fire and Flaming Shot to make them even better.

The Armoured Hattusan Archers are a middle-tier unit of archers that can also fight on their own. They have axes that can help them break through shields. In a pinch, they can even go to the front lines to weaken enemies coming at you before fighting with your spear and sword units.

Armoured Kaskian Chariots

Armoured Kaskian Chariot next to a stylized image of Suppiluluma in a chariot wielding the Golden Spear of the High King in Total War: Pharaoh

Kurunta’s Kaskian hired soldiers fight with chariots that look like those used in Egypt. This gives him some strategic choices that Hittite groups don’t usually have. Kaskian chariots don’t have to focus on a powerful charge. Instead, they can choose to ride in circles around the enemy while shooting arrows at them the whole time.

Armoured Kaskian Chariots can be a painful surprise for your enemies if you’re planning an expedition into Canaan or even a brave attack of Egypt. This strategy can be a little tricky in Anatolia because of its rough terrain.

Veteran Hattusan Swordsmen

Veteran Hattusan Swordsman next to a stylized image of Suppiluliuma in a chariot wielding the Golden Spear of the High King in Total War: Pharaoh

Being able to change things up can help a lot, especially if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on unit maintenance. Veteran Hattusan Swordsmen hold a close line well while your skirmishers and chariots flank. They aren’t quite as durable as Hatti’s amazing spearmen, but they do a great job.

This unit, which is only available to Suppiluliuma, has a unique ability when it is in the Shield Wall stance. When they use it, their Melee Defense goes up to the mid-40s, which is about the same as some of the best defense troops in Total War: Pharaoh. To use their better Charge Bonus against the spear units they’ll be helping, they can drop their stance and charge when the time comes.

Royal Hittite Chariots

Royal Hittite Chariot Square next to a stylized image of Suppiluliuma in a chariot wielding the Golden Spear of the High King in Total War: Pharaoh

The Hittites were the best at making chariots in their time, and Total War shows how powerful their wheeled weapons were. Hittite chariots are great in general. They charge at groups and break them apart, then pull back to do it again.

The most beautiful chariots were made by the Hittites the Royal.They are hard to build and keep up, and only the Great King and High Commander can use them. You can only hire a few at a time. But once they get going, not much can stop them. They make people afraid and even carry javelins for quick attacks on other chariot units and armored troops. Watch out for their small unit size and the fact that spears, javelins, and clubs can easily damage them. Each damaged chariot will make the unit much less effective overall.

Renowned Phrygian Javelineers

Renowned Phrygian Javelineer next to a stylized image of Suppiluliuma in a chariot wielding the Golden Spear of the High King in Total War: Pharaoh

Hittite forces use javelins a lot because they can easily cut through enemy armor before charging in for a fight. The best javelineers can be found in the Phrygian Highlands. So make sure you build a Native Recruitment Center in at least one city in that area that you rule.

Phrygian Javelineers are known for not having a lot of weapons. But the seven spears they throw during fight are sure to count. With an amazing Missile Damage of 64 that doesn’t take into account armor. They can easily damage chariots or troops with a lot of armor.

Royal Hittite Chargers

Royal Hittite Charger next to a stylized image of Suppiluliuma in a chariot wielding the Golden Spear of the High King in Total War: Pharaoh

Royal Hittite Chargers are like a hammer for attacking enemy forces. They go well with javelin units on the flank. Royal Chargers have great numbers, just like the other units that belong to the Great King. Their two-handed clubs are especially powerful when they’re on the attack.

In contrast to many other units that are more likely to fail, Royal Hittite Chargers can handle being countercharged. It’s usually Hatti’s strongest fighters who are left standing after battle. They have better flank attack and flank defense, Underdog, and faster Stamina recovery.

Veteran Hittite Spearmen

Veteran Hittite Spearman next to a stylized image of Suppiluliuma in a chariot wielding the Golden Spear of the High King in Total War: Pharaoh

The Veteran Hittite Spearmen are Faction Units, but both Suppiluliuma and Kurunta can use them. In the late game, these fixed spear units should be the most important part of your army, so that’s good.

Their numbers are about the same as those of the Golden Spearmen of the Hittite Royal Court. But they focus more on defense. Since that’s their main job on the battlefield, the fact that they are cheaper and easier to find makes them a clear choice. With Redoubt, they can briefly ignore any damage they take from being attacked on the flank. Their top-tier shields and jaw-dropping Armor rating of 125 and 175 HP per soldier make them almost impervious to arrow fire.


Mesedi next to a stylized image of Suppiluliuma in a chariot wielding the Golden Spear of the High King in Total War: Pharaoh

The axe-wielding heroes of Hatti are not only the best units for Hittite players, but they might be the best units in the whole Snake Game. The Mesedi are a Tier 6 unit with stats to match. Their great gear, including the biggest shield possible, and great unit abilities make them even more amazing.

Like most axe units, Mesedi would rather charge than be charged, and their Improved Flank Attack, Catch Your Breath, and Underdog skills make them very dangerous at the edges of your line. If they get charged, it’s not a problem—they can just pop Shield Wall and depend on their Improved Flank Defense to hold out until help arrives, if they even need it.

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