7 Shades of Green Lehenga for Your Dream Wedding and Rituals

From serene ivory to stunning reds and soothing pastels to eccentric metallics, the color palette for bridal lehengas is as vast as the human imagination. Brides have been fearlessly experimenting with their outfit colors and pushing the boundaries of traditional bridal fashion to look their best on their wedding day and other festivities.

However, many modern brides also mix and match different hues to create a bespoke bridal ensemble that reflects their style. Brides are making bold choices that stand out by combining or contrasting a stunning blouse, charming dupatta, and lehenga dress in unique color combinations.

To showcase some of the best lehenga dress color combinations expected to dominate this year, we have compiled a blog that will leave you breathless. So get ready to swoon over these stunning bridal lehenga color combinations!

Top Shades of Green Lehenga for this Wedding Season

  1. Olive Green Cape Lehengas

The latest trend taking weddings by storm is military olive green bridal lehengas. The unique shade looks breathtaking when paired with a crop top, giving brides an Indo-Western style that’s all the rage in the fashion world. 

Whether you wear this on your mehendi function or your wedding day, you will be making a fashion statement that will be remembered for years.

  1. Bottle Green Long Choli Lehengas

Brides looking to make a bold statement can opt for a bottled green wedding lehenga. These long choli lehengas are perfect for a sangeet function or reception. You can even adorn it with multi-colored hand-embroidered Mughal motifs for a traditional look that’s both timeless and stunning.

  1. Sea Green Crop Top Lehenga

A sea green lehenga dress paired with a silk crop top with shaded green beads, gold cut dana, and sequins embroidery in leaf motifs can accentuate the bride’s natural glow while providing her with the comfort she needs to enjoy her special day to the fullest.

  1. Mint Green Bridal Lehengas

Brides can go all-out minty for special occasions, from engagements and mehndi to weddings and receptions. The light and bright mint green bridal lehengas are much more fun than traditional pieces and are perfect for brides looking to add a pep to their wedding wardrobe.

  1. Lime Green Brocade Lehenga

There’s something mysterious about the lime green shade that makes you happy and smile, and you just can’t get enough of it. A lime green lehenga paired with brocade silk with golden and silver woven Moroccan floral Kalis that enhance the skirt with zari and sequins work takes your look to the next level. It’s the perfect choice for brides looking to make a statement while still keeping things elegant and classy.

  1. Lehenga in Pastel Green with Bandhani Print

If you’re a bride who loves pastel colors but also wants bright colors in your outfit, this pastel green bandhani print lehenga is perfect. The bright and colorful bandhani print in Kali design is paired with a sleeveless cotton silk top and embroidered floral motifs, making it a unique and vibrant choice for a bride. This lehenga design will catch everyone’s eye and make you stand out on your special day.

Emerald Green Lehenga with Embroidered Choli

Green lehengas have become increasingly popular among brides, and an emerald green lehenga with an intricately designed, hand-embroidered floral velvet choli is a complete stunner. Embellished with multi-colored resham, cut dana, sequins, and zari work, this lehenga will turn you into the center of attention. So choose this stunning emerald green lehenga if you want to make a bold statement with your bridal outfit.


Green is a versatile and stunning color that can be incorporated in various ways to create unique and breathtaking bridal lehengas. From olive green to mint green, lime green to emerald green, there are many shades to choose from. So if you are a bride-to-be looking for inspiration for your wedding wardrobe, consider these shades of green lehenga dress for a fresh and stylish look.

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