7 Fun Challenges To Try In Fallout 4

When you play Fallout 4, you can think of ways to play that the creators never thought of.

In a technical sense, there is no right or wrong way to play Fallout 4. The story can be played in a lot of different ways. But there are more fun, difficult, and interesting ways to play this first-person RPG set after the end of the world.

Fallout 4 will definitely be a very different experience if you plan your game play around certain rules. You have come to the right place if you want to find new ways to adventure in the irradiated fields of Boston.

Realistic Survival Mode

Fallout 4 character and Dogmeat walking into the harsh Commonwealth

Even though Fallout 4 takes place in a world after the end of the world, it still gives you enough stats to easily take on most of the damaged Commonwealth area at first. Why not jump right into the survival part of the game to really feel the loneliness and sadness that this kind of world will surely have?

By adding mods, you can change how Fallout 4 plays and make it feel more like that dark world. To really feel like you’re in a post-apocalyptic world, you should first run the Lost World mod. This mod will change the world of Fallout 4 to look a lot like S.T.A.L.K.E.R., another popular post-apocalyptic survival game. The Damn Apocalypse mod will also change how the game is played to make it more like real life. It’s true that the game will become much harder, but playing it this way is definitely a lot more interesting and scary.

Become The New Overboss

Nuka World raider sitting on a crate of weapons

This really is a fun way to play Fallout 4, but it has nothing to do with the main plot of the game. If you can’t find your lost child in the Commonwealth, why not rule it like a Mad Max Warlord?

You can do this by quickly going to Nuka World, completing the side quest there, and taking on the job of the new Overboss. At level one, the Nuka World plot can be hard to follow, but it is still possible. First, clean out the Red Rocket gas station and kill as many raiders as you can to get useful gear. If you need help, do this. Also, get the Power Armor in Red Rocket to make your security and firepower better.

Next, you should join the Institute. This is the closest thing you can get to being able to raid towns. Since we’re talking about towns, it’s time to build your castle. You can make your main base of operations in any town you want.

Play As The Bad Guy Or Girl

Nora choosing the evil route

Of course, you can’t change the story to go down a “evil path,” but that doesn’t mean you can’t ride with the Dark Side as you play. At different points in the game, you can choose what will happen with something that will have a big impact on the people of the Commonwealth. Usually, there will be three options, with one being the clear good choice and the other having terrible results. Pick the second option.

Fallout 4 doesn’t really have a “evil” ending, so you’ll have to use your mind a bit when it comes to the story. However, if you feel like Fallout 4 is becoming dull, try going in the opposite way of what the developers wanted you to do. It can lead to some very funny events.

Build Your Own Commonwealth

The many settlements in Fallout 4

Once more, you’ll need to download and install some mods for this one. Besides that, this will take a lot of time and should only be done if you like building towns. There are many mods out there that change how people look. With these unique settlers, you can give each town a different theme.

You change important parts of the world into something very different from what it was in the original Wordle Unlimited. This is just an artistic way to play Fallout 4. Fallout 4’s building feature can be improved with the Place Everywhere mod, which gives you even more freedom when planting towns. Be careful, though, because too much detail can slow down or crash the game.

Become A Pacifist

Protagonist patting Dogmeat in the head

Okay, so maybe not a “true” pacifist, since some characters have to die for the game to move forward. With a little creativity, though, you can kill these NPCs without actually killing them. Put as many points as you can into charm as a stat. This will help you talk your way out of fights.

So, how do you kill certain enemies? Take care of the earth. For instance, if you want to kill a robber, try to bring super mutants into the area and watch as the two groups fight. You can also use other enemies that are meant to hurt you to do your dirty job. In Fallout 4, the pacifist run makes simple missions more difficult, but that’s what makes the game unique and forces you to think of tasks as puzzles.

Install The Start Me Up Mod

Starting the game as a Ghoul

Do you not like the beginning of Fallout 4? Would you like to make your own character with a different story than the one the game gives them? One great way to really get into the game and play any character you want is to install the “Start Me Up” mod.

For the most part, this mod lets you skip ahead in the story and play the game however you want. This is one of the best alternate start mods for Fallout 4, and you should try it out if you want to change the game in any way you want.

Become The Commonwealth’s Very Own Heisenberg

Fallout 4 different chems in the game

Is it wrong in a moral sense? Yes. Is it a job that pays well and could make you a lot of money? Yes, of course. So why not play Fallout 4 as Walter White? In the game, you need purified water to make chemicals, and if you have several water purifiers in your town, you can make almost unlimited amounts of purified water.

If your Chemist, Science, and Demolition Expert stats are high enough, you can make and sell every chemical in the game. You pretty much built a drug business over time. Becoming a drug boss is one of the worst things you can do in Fallout 4.

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