16 Best Multiplayer Servers In Minecraft

Follow these links to find the best Minecraft sites if you want to play online.

One of the most well-known games in the world, Minecraft, keeps getting better with each new version. Everything is up to you, the player, making it the best game experience ever. People do get bored with playing Minecraft by themselves though, and they look for something new every so often.

Luckily, there are a lot of Minecraft servers out there that you can discover. Our servers have everything you could want, from team-based PvP to pure survival to Skyblock and everything in between. We’ll look at some of the best Minecraft sites available right now.


An image of the Mineplex server in Minecraft
  • IP Address: us.mineplex.com (Java), pe.mineplex.com (Bedrock)

Mineplex is one of the bigger Minecraft servers out there. It has a lot of different and fun game modes, such as Super Smash mobs, a PvP mode based on the Smash Bros. series, and Cake Wars, a mode where you work with other people to keep people from eating your cake.

As an official Minecraft partner, Mineplex is always getting better, with new features and game types being added all the time. Also, this server works perfectly with Bedrock clients, which makes it great for console players.


Pokesaga server in Minecraft
  • IP Address: play.pokesaga.org

People love both Minecraft and Pokémon, so it was only a matter of time before someone made a Minecraft server that combined the two. The PokéSaga server has everything you could want. To play on this server, you’ll need the Pixelmon mod. Also, keep in mind that some quality-of-life mods might not work well on this server.

In PokeSaga, every player starts in the same place and can catch, train, and fight Pokemon right away. It goes in the usual Pokemon game order, where you have to beat gym masters and earn badges to move on to the next area.

Grand Theft Minecart

Grand Theft Minecart server in Minecraft
  • IP Address: mcsl.gtm.network

We never thought that Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft would come together until Grand Theft Minecart came out. It goes without saying that this server will be a lot more aggressive than normal Minecraft, but it’s still a lot of fun.

You are put in a copy of Los Santos where there aren’t many rules. You could do anything and earn money in any way you choose. There are times when you’re just getting shot down everywhere, but when you can make it through, it’s really fun.


Minescape server in Minecraft
  • IP Address: play.gameslabs.net

A lot of players really love Runescape, especially the old-school version of the game. Many of us spent a lot of time playing games on our PCs. You could now do the same thing in Minescape.

It is one of the best Minecraft worlds ever made. It’s a great fantasy setting and has all the great things that made Runescape a great game. There are the same places, monsters, and skills on the server as in the original game. You can play Minescape in Minecraft to feel like you’re back in Runescape.


The Piratecraft server in Minecraft
  • IP Address: mc.priatemc.com

On the Piratecraft site, you can now sail the seven seas in Minecraft if you was ever interested. People who play regular Minecraft have trouble with the ships they build; they don’t move. Even though they look great, they can’t move forward. In Pirate Craft, your ships can move and use cannons and other weapons to fight each other.

Piratecraft lets you make your own ships, so you can make one that really stands out. Once you get there, you can enter your ship in races to win prizes. Piratecraft is a great game for people who like Sea of Thieves.


Minewind server in Miencraft
  • IP Address: server.minewind.com

Minewind is what you need to make survival mode more difficult. This is not for people who are easily scared. To stay alive in this server, you’ll need to keep your mind flexible because there aren’t many rules.

There are no real rules in the game, so players kill each other, lie, and cheat a lot. It’s set up as a survival server with MMO features. Minewind will be one of your favorite settings if you want the darkest and trashiest Minecraft experience possible.

The Hive (Bedrock Only)

The Hive server in Minecraft
  • IP Address: play.hivemc.com

The Hive, which used to be called HiveMC, is another huge Minecraft server with a lot of different game types. There’s a lot of friendly people in their group, and they’re always willing to hear about new mini-games to add.

The classic kids’ game hide-and-seek is one of the most-played game types in The Hive. You basically have a short time to find a place to hide, and once you do, you fit in by turning into one of the blocks around you. It’s like a mix of hide-and-seek and prop hunt.


Hypixel server in Minecraft
  • IP Address: mc.hypixel.net

A lot of people play Minecraft on Hypixel, which is a good thing. There are a lot of different game types, such as the classics Skyblock and Bedwars and new ones like Murder Mystery and Cops and Crims.

Hypixel may be the only server you ever need because there are so many people online all the time, so many game modes to choose from, and strong economies and ways to move up. Go look at Hypixel if you haven’t already.


Manacube server in Minecraft
  • IP Address: play.manacube.com

If you don’t want to spend money in-game, Manacube is a great option. A lot of people like Manacube because it doesn’t have a lot of pay-to-win features. A lot of people choose Manacube because it has great skyblock servers, but it also has a lot of other game types.

You start out on an island that is mostly covered in acid in one of their survival game modes and have to figure out how to stay alive. They also have a prison-based game mode where each player is given a small area of land that can be grown over time. Manacube has a lot of material that you should check out.


wynncraft mmorpg server logo in trailer
  • IP Address: play.wynncraft.com

Wynncraft is a server that lets you play massively multiplayer games in the huge world of Wynn. You can do quests, level up, explore dungeons, and more in Drive Mad. You can pick from five different classes. Wynncraft is not like any other MMO-style Minecraft server because it has a very thorough map and a special way of giving quests.

In Wynncraft, you might find a great MMO that you’re looking for a new one to play. A lot of players are always online, which is important for any MMO because it makes it easier for people to work together to play.


diamond fire server logo in trailer
  • IP Address: mcdiamondfire.com

DiamondFire is a one-of-a-kind server where people can play and make their own mini-games. Since you have full freedom to be creative, you can make up any number of unique mini-games that other players can join.

There are a lot of different types of these games, such as survival, PvP, quizzes, parkour, and more. DiamondFire is the place to be if you want to show off your creativity or play fun new mini-games.

PvP Legacy

pvp legacy server lobby
  • IP Address: play.pvplegacy.net

One of the most well-known PvP servers built on 1.16 is PvP Legacy. Some of the most complicated fighting in Minecraft has been added in Version 1.16. To do the most damage, you need to time your hits just right. This is why PvP Legacy has a server where you can learn and practice your skills against other players.

You can make your own unique PvP loadouts by making custom kits. You can then use these in duels and matches against other players. This is one of the biggest PvP sites, so you’ll never have to wait to find a match. There are always a lot of people online.

Complex Gaming

complex gaming featuring tekkit, pixelmon, ftb, and vanilla servers
  • IP Addresses:
    • hub.mc-complex.com (vanilla)
    • tekkit.mc-complex.com (Tekkit)
    • pixel.mc-complex.com (Pixelmon)
    • ftb.mc-complex.com (FTB)

There are four kinds of computers that Complex Gaming provides. One is the original Minecraft experience, with games like Skyblock, Survival, and Factions. The other three are servers that have been changed. Modpacks like Pixelmon, Feed the Beast, and Tekkit are well-known examples of these.

You’ll need the right modpacks along with the vanilla server in order to play on these sites. But once everything is set up, you can play a variety of online games, such as Pixelmon, where you can catch Pokemon, and Tekkit, where you can build complex machines. Complex Gaming has a lot of different games for you to choose from.


blockdrop server logo
  • IP Address: mc.Blockdrop.org

Blockdrop is a server with a lot of different game modes and a great group. There are many game types for you and your new friends to try, such as Survival, Bedwars, Skyblock, Factions, and more. There is an official Blockdrop Discord group that is always online where you can meet other players and play with them.

Blockdrop is a cracked Minecraft server, which means that you can join even if you don’t own Minecraft or are using a version that doesn’t work with Mjoang, such as TLauncher. These changes could make the server less safe, but they also let more people join. These risks should always be thought about when you join a new service.

Purple Prison

purple prison logo
  • IP Address: purpleprison.org

Purple Prison is a server that is only for the popular Prison game mode. On most prison sites, the main thing to do is grind blocks to get money, which you can then use to level up and get new features, gear, and mines to grind in.

Purple Prison is a Prison server, so it has a lot of extra material that makes it different from other servers. You can make your own plot and build anything you want on it. You can also join a gang and fight other players, among other things. Purple Prison is the server to join if you want to be a part of a friendly prison-based group.


westeroscraft four builds split
  • IP Address: mc.westeroscraft.com

WesterosCraft is a totally modded Minecraft server that is slowly making the whole world of Westeros in Minecraft. Westeros is the setting for the popular TV show Game of Thrones. Once you’ve installed the modpack and joined the server, you can visit places from the series, such as King’s Landing, Dragonstone, the Wall, and more.

WesterosCraft is a creative mode server, but there are still lots of things to do while you look around. You can figure out puzzles and riddles, act out your best scenes, or even become a builder and help make Westeros a bigger place.

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