15 Things Only Pro Players Know You Can Do In Candy Crush

There are a lot of secrets in Candy Crush that only the best players know about.

When Candy Crush Saga came out in 2011, it quickly became one of the most-played games on Facebook. No matter what age, everyone can play this intense captivating game. It’s more than just a match-3 game, which is why it can be fun to think about.

The game is still fun to play, and the later levels can be especially hard. You can get through them without losing too many lives, though, if you remember a few tips and tricks.

Check The Level First

A board in Candy Crush with regular and striped candy

You should remember this tip at any level, but it’s especially helpful later on. You don’t get set candy boards. Because you haven’t made any moves yet, you can leave the game and come back. This will make the sweets on the board look different again.

In other words, you should think about how well your present board will let you crush candies in the first few moves before you start. It’s annoying when bad RNG throws you off, so taking the extra step to look at the level’s board is worth it.

Make A Game Plan

The candy board with regular, wrapped, striped, and time candies

As soon as you start a new level, look at the board and try to figure out what the hardest parts of that level are. In that case, you can go after those parts first instead of just going for it without a plan.

Beginners often jump right into a level without giving it much thought. Take a moment to think about where you can make the best setups when you’re between moves. I know it’s tempting to just throw your luck away, but you’ll probably lose a lot of lives and have fewer chances to beat the level.

Start At The Bottom

A board in Candy Crush with some encased candies at the bottom and one candy breaking free of encasement

It could be because you start breaking candies at the top or middle of the board. This could explain why you lost a level even though you crushed a lot of them. In Candy Crush, you don’t just want to get as many matches as you can.

To get rid of a bunch of treats with one move, you often have to arrange them in a way that makes them smash into each other. It’s easier to match candies for that result if you start at the bottom of the board. It’s worth more points and is really fun to watch happen.

Make Several Wrapped Candies On Certain Levels

The candy board with regular and wrapped candies

You can get a lot of extra points by making and bursting wrapped candies. This is important to remember for levels that need you to get a certain number of points. Keep making as many wrapped candies as you can while you’re playing one of these levels.

In addition to the extra points, you can get rid of more Blockers and candy that you don’t want. It’s important to make good use of these wrapped sweets, since that’s sometimes the only way to win.

Combine Certain Special Candies

The chocolate ball in Candy Crush zapping multiple candies on a board

There are a few unique treats, and each one is very helpful in its own way. Putting these special sweets together in certain ways, though, makes them even stronger. For instance, striped candies will get rid of all the other sweets in their row or column. Now put a color bomb on a striped candy. All the sweets that are the same color as the striped candy will turn into striped candies.

After that, they’ll go off one by one, getting rid of many rows and columns of sweets for a lot of points. In the same way, putting together a wrapped candy and a striped candy will clear three rows and three columns on the board. You can get a lot of points with just one swipe if you use mixtures of special candies.

Don’t Always Use Suggested Moves

Candy Crush board

You might not know this important tip. In a level, the game will suggest a move for you to make if you don’t make one in a certain amount of time. Don’t do this.

This is because the moves they suggest are often random and aren’t always meant to help you make the right choice. In fact, what they say might really hurt you. That being said, it would be best for you to ignore the advice and make your own move.

Save Your Special Candies And Boosters

In-game instructions on how to use special candies

You might want to use the free boosts that Candy Crush gives you right away when you first start playing, but don’t. Try to hold on to them until later, when you will really need them. The same is true for the unique treats you get in each level.

This is especially true after level 70, when things get, well, tough. And it gets harder as you go, so hold on to them for as long as you can!

Change The Clock For Extra Lives

An in-game notification with a crying heart showing that you are out of lives

A cheat can be used to get extra lives. All you have to do is move your phone’s clock forward by two hours. You won’t have to wait for your lives to come back that way. Different phones have different ways to do this, but in general, you just need to go to settings and tell your phone not to set the time for you when you connect to the internet. Then, move the time forward by two hours and get four more lives.

Sometime you’ll have to pay back the time, but plan it for when you’re sleeping, and you’ll be fine. When you do this around midnight, don’t forget to change it from PM to AM!

Don’t Accept Extra Lives From Friends Immediately

Multiple messages showing other players have given you lives

When you open Candy Crush and see a gift from a friend, it’s cool, of course. But don’t click “Accept” right away. You should only use gifts from friends when you really need them. This is especially important for gifts that give you extra lives.

It won’t help if you accept a friend’s offer of an extra life when you already have too many. So, don’t click “X” until you have two or three lives left. Then, click “X” to accept the extra life.

Turn Off Boosters For The Next Level

An in-game menu showing three different candy boosters to select

You can use a few boosts to help you get through a level, but they’re not very useful. It’s very easy to forget to turn off the boosts you were using in the last level before starting the next one. If you do this, you could get into a lot of trouble.

Make sure to turn them off all the time, especially if the next level doesn’t need them. If you don’t, you might lose boosters that could be useful in a later level. You can avoid a lot of trouble by being smart about when and how to use this feature.

Save The Fish For Last

Yellow, orange, and blue jelly fish swimming around to eat candy on the board

Sometimes jelly fish are the only way to beat really hard levels. It’s best to play the jelly fish increase last, especially if you’re on a jelly level. You should only use them near the end of the level, when you don’t have many moves left, because they will go for any jellies that are still there.

They will go after hard-to-reach jellyfish if you still have any left, which should help you win the level. Yes, you can still use them in other levels, but try to save them for those annoying jelly levels.

Know Your Chocolate

The candy board with milk and white chocolate blocking most of it

It’s great to eat chocolate, but you don’t want to see it in Candy Crush. It is important to remember that a chocolate piece you ate in one round will not come back in the next. In other words, you have some power over stopping the chocolate from coming back.

In every round where the chocolate shows up, you should try to destroy it. That way, it won’t come back the next time around. Of course, unless you’re in a higher level. So, you probably already know that there’s a chocolate maker that makes chocolate come back at a aggravating fast rate.

Prioritize Extra Time During A Time Challenge

The candy board during a timed level

You can’t use moves to test your candy-crushing skills in every level. There are times you have to finish levels. Get as many time candies as you can to make the clock go faster. That’s the quickest way to pass one of those.

You can be sure that a lot of time will be added because they don’t just fall down at random. There are time candies that fall every time you make a move that starts at least four pairs. Get those pairs as often as you can, and then crush the time candy to add it to your timer.

Clear Jellies On The Edges

Jellies on the edges of the candy board

If you want to kill all the jellyfish on a level, aim for the ones that are close to the sides. And this is because the ones on the edges usually have the fewest possible ways to get rid of them, which makes them the hardest to get rid of.

Each time you move, wait one minute to see if you can get rid of these outer jellies, especially the ones in the corners or at the bottom. If you can, move on to a simpler goal. You might think it’s impossible at first, but if you can do it, the rest of Doodle Baseball will be easy.

Don’t Let The Game Trick You

The candy board with regular candies, disco balls, and bombs

If you’re scared, this game might try to get you to make moves. When there is a time bomb around, you probably get very worried. Don’t worry right away, though, because things aren’t always what they seem to be.

So, a 14-move bomb could show up even though you only have 11 moves left. You won’t have to worry about the bomb, since the game is over before it goes off. If you learn tricks like that, crushing candy will be a lot less stressful.

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