15 Best Games For Fans Of Chrono Trigger

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There are many games that are like old-school RPGs but are also fun to play now, and if you like Chrono Trigger, here are some suggestions.

Many people think that Chrono Trigger, which came out in 1995 from Square Enix (then Squaresoft), is one of the best JRPGs ever made for the SNES. The story and characters in Chrono Trigger made it an unforgettable experience. You had to go through many time periods to reach your final goal of defeating Lavos.

Because of Chrono Trigger‘s strengths, it’s hard to find games that are as good. But there are other games that make you feel the same way for the same reason. These RPGs, along with Chrono Trigger, have won their spots as some of the best in their genre thanks to their interesting stories, fast-paced battle systems, or moving soundtracks.

Homage To The Greats: Sea Of Stars

Pirate Band plays in a tavern to lift the local's spirits

While Sea of Stars by Sabotage Studio is a tribute to old RPGs, it is also a brand-new experience that brings the genre into the present day. It has great pixel art, especially in the lighting and settings.

Yasunori Mitsuda, who wrote music for Chrono Trigger and was a special guest in Sea of Stars, also wrote music for Chrono Trigger. As in Chrono Trigger, the turn-based battle doesn’t take you to a separate screen when you fight an enemy; instead, it happens naturally. As you read the cute story, you’ll also enjoy finding connections to Chrono Trigger.

Mario’s Turn-Based Adventure: Super Mario RPG

Mario and Mallow battling a gang of Pogo Shy Guys in Super Mario RPG

Super Mario might not be the first game that comes to mind when you think of what to play after Chrono Trigger, but Super Mario RPG has both traditional Mario features and turn-based gameplay. Mario has to save the day when Smithy, a strange creature, comes to the world and plans to take over.

Bowser can even go on a trip with Mario, just like you can ask Magus to join your group even though he did bad things in Chrono Trigger. There isn’t much that can go wrong with this classic RPG. The characters are fun, and the music was created by Yoko Shimomura.

Inspired By Classics: Chained Echoes

Chained Echoes - The party stands around Magnolia in the fairy forest

The fast, turn-based fights and pixel art style in Chained Echoes are a lot like older RPGs. In its story, you have to help bring peace to the three countries of Valandis that are at odds with each other. Valandis is fun to learn about because it has lots of different areas to discover and side quests to finish.

Matthias Linda, who made Chained Echoes by himself, said that Chrono Trigger was one of the games that inspired him to make it. The finished product definitely has the feel of RPGs from that time.

Golden In More Than Name: Golden Sun

Key art from Golden Sun, showing the party members posing on a mysterious, colorful background

Golden Sun is about a group of teens who can use Psynergy and are called Adepts. Isaac is in charge of the group, and their main goal is to keep the very powerful Alchemy from being used and to stop history from happening again.

When it came out for the Game Boy Advance, Golden Sun had great graphics and a memorable music. In Golden Sun, you fight with summons, and the fighting system is turn-based, like in Chrono Trigger. The story is also one of the best parts of the game.

A Grand Adventure: Grandia

Justin, Feena, and Sue from Grandia

Grandia is a highly acclaimed role-playing game that first came out on the Sega Saturn. It’s about Justin and his friends going on a classic adventure to fight evil and find out about an important civilization from the past.

If you liked Chrono Trigger’s characters and how they told their stories, you’ll love Grandia’s too. Each one is fully developed and changes as the story goes on. Congratulations if you want to play Grandia on a newer console. It was given an HD remaster that makes it easier for current gamers to enjoy.

A Story For The Ages: Dragon Quest 3

A screenshot from Dragon Quest 3: The Seeds of Salvation on the Switch, showing the hero traipsing through a verdant town

Dragon Quest is a well-known RPG series that is known for using old-school tropes to great effect. Dragon Quest 3 is no different. Even though this is the third game in the series, you don’t have to play them in a certain order. Dragon Quest 3 comes before Dragon Quests 1 and 2, and it is thought of as the first game in the “Erdrick” trio.

Dragon Quest 3 builds on the series’s previous games and lays the groundwork for future RPGs. The game came out in 1988, but people still play it, and it might be what you’re looking for if you liked the basic RPG features in Chrono Trigger.

Full Of Charm: Earthbound

Ness stands outside of his house on a sunny day

After finishing Chrono Trigger, Earthbound is a great choice if you want to play an RPG with lots of personality. Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo are the main characters of the game. They have to stop the alien Giygas from killing the world.

Even though Earthbound takes place in a different current “American” world than Chrono Trigger, the two games have some things in common. The art style in Earthbound is one of the most unique in its genre, and the game’s music is highly regarded and makes the experience even better. Earthbound is a game like Chrono Trigger where you’ll want to enjoy every moment and make sure to talk to all the NPCs you meet.

A Cosmic Quest: Cosmic Star Heroine

cosmic star heroine cover & gameplay

Cosmic Star Heroine is a sci-fi RPG that combines ideas from both new and old games. You and your friends must save the world. It’s easy to understand how to fight in Chrono Trigger’s overworld. And you’ll enjoy Cosmic Star Heroine’s too, since it’s set up in a similar way.

Like the tech system in Chrono Trigger, your heroes can even attack together in Cosmic Star Heroine. This is the right RPG for you if you want a short one that feels like old RPGs. Because of its fight system and 2D pixel graphics.

Traditional 2D RPG: Secret Of Mana

Secret of Mana Characters - Towns

Square Enix made both Chrono Trigger and 8 Ball Pool in the early to mid-1990s, which is why they have a lot in common. Both of these games are based on similar ideas, but Secret of Mana is its own thing, with a fast-paced fight system that makes me think of The Legend of Zelda.

Secret of Mana was remade, but this time the pictures were in 3D instead of 2D. If you like the 2D art style of Chrono Trigger, though, you might want to get a port of the original instead.

Which Path Will You Take First?: Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler, immaculate beautiful snow

Square Enix made Octopath Traveler, an RPG where you can play as eight different characters. Each with their own story, and complete tasks in a world that is full of life and beauty. Everyone who played this game loved the HD-2D graphics, which brought the 2D style back to life. And the masterful music by Yasunori Nishiki, which often gets you pumped up and ready for fight.

A turn-based combat system that is both hard and fun is also in the game, which is not often seen in current games. If you thought Chrono Trigger’s 2D sprite work was great, you’ll love Octopath Traveler’s art direction.

Classic Final Fantasy: Final Fantasy 6

final fantasy 6 cover & gameplay

Final Fantasy 6, which was originally called Final Fantasy 3, came out in 1994 and is still played today. It is often praised as one of the best games in the series. The Gestahlian Empire and a rebel group called the Returners are at the center of the game.

The first character you can control is Terra Branford, who is also one of the best in the group. However, the game isn’t really about one character. You can play as 14 different characters in the game. So you have a lot of options for how to put together your party. If you like old RPGs like Chrono Trigger and haven’t played Final Fantasy 6, you should.

Radiant As Its Name: Radiant Historia

Split image of gameplay in Radiant Historia and the official cover art for Radiant Historia.

Radiant Historia is a turn-based RPG made by Atlas for the Nintendo DS. Its story involves traveling through time, a lot like Chrono Trigger. Just like Chrono Trigger, this game has a great plot and interesting personalities that will keep you interested.

You’ll enjoy listening to the score while you play the game. Because it was written by Yoko Shimomura, who is best known for her work on Kingdom Hearts. Radiant Historia has more than one finish, which is related to the way it travels through time. These endings depend on the decisions you make, which gives you a lot to do and makes you want to play the game again.

Mechs And Philosophy: Xenogears

Xenogears is the pinnacle of mature storytelling

Xenogears was originally meant to be the next game after Chrono Trigger. It has a world that is very complicated and begs to be explored, as well as a story that covers a wide range of themes, from religion to psychology. The Gears (mechs) that can be used to fight enemies are one of the best parts of the game. They add a fun twist to the fighting system.

After you finish Chrono Trigger, Xenogears is a great game to play next. Because it has a unique fighting system and a classical RPG story-driven plot.

Quintessential Fantasy: Dragon Quest 11: Echoes Of An Elusive Age

Dragon Quest XI characters staring up

Echoes of an Elusive Age, the 11th game in the Dragon Quest series, has all the standard elements of a good RPG fantasy story. But it’s updated for today’s players in a way that keeps things interesting. Because the story of this game stands on its own, you don’t need to have played any of the others in the series to enjoy this one. If you like RPGs, though, you should look for these as well.

Of course, the most clear link between Dragon Quest 11 and Chrono Trigger is that Akira Toriyama designed the characters for both games. But Dragon Quest 11 also has a story that makes you care about the characters and personalities you meet.

Let’s Do The Warp Again: Live A Live

oboromaru and the prisoner versus lord ode

Live A Live was first released outside of Japan on the Nintendo Switch as an HD-2D version. The story goes through different time periods, such as the Wild West and Edo Japan. If you liked exploring all of Chrono Trigger’s different places in time, you’ll enjoy Live A Live’s broken-up story.

As if that wasn’t enough, Takashi Tokita directed both Live A Live and Chrono Trigger. What if Chrono Trigger got a remake like Live A Live? It would make the beautiful graphics even better and bring this classic to a new age, just like Live A Live’s remake did.

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