11 Best Defense Cookies In Cookie Run: Kingdom

When you play Cookie Run: Kingdom, defense cookies like these are very important. You need the best ones to win.

The Defense Cookies are very important to your progress in Cookie Run: Kingdom. They are at the front of every battle. There are, however, a lot of very different figures to pick from right now, which can make it hard to find the best one for you.

No matter what, there is a rarity order for Defense Cookies. The Ancients are much better than the commons, and even the epics seem to be a world away from the rares. You can fight as well as any of these Cookies, so all you have to do is find the right character to do well in both PVP and PVE for as long as you play the game.

Cookie Run Kingdom Knight Cookie cover

Since Knight Cookie is one of only two Defense Cookies in the game, it’s easy to get him and use him a lot. After all, what says “good defense” like a knight in full plate armor who looks strong?

Knight Cookie is strong enough to handle himself. He has good stats and a great skill that can help any group. This help and safety will only last for a short time, though. The Avocado Cookie is the real rare cookie you want to find.

Cookie Run Kingdom Avocado Cookie

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, the Avocado Cookie is the best rare Defense Cookie you can get. This cool girl is the next best thing to getting an epic-level Defense Cookie, if that doesn’t happen.

She has great stats, a great attitude, and a skill that is so useful that it makes skills like Strawberry and Knight Cookie look weak. As well as having a nice 12-second delay, her skill can do both an AOE and a buff to the party member with the most attack power. Pumpkin Cookie is great for the beginning of the game, before you get to the big Cookies.

Kouign-Amann cookie brandishes her sword as she faces the cards on the left part of the screen

Because they are taught by Kouign-Amann Cookie (pronounced Queen-Amann), the Crème Knights are a group of proud and honorable young knights. She is the de facto head of the school, so all the other students, even those who are not from the Crème Knights Academy, look up to her for power, grace, and cuteness.

When you’re in battle, Kouign-Amann focuses on quick hits. She and two of your faster cookies can attack faster. She makes up for her lack of pure fighting power by increasing her speed and damage, which makes her more like a charge cookie than a defense cookie.

Cookie Run Kingdom Madeleine Cookie

For Madeleine Cookie, it’s all about whether you can make him yours or not. He’s an okay great Defense Cookie, but not one of the best. Still, if you get him before any of the other epic Defense Cookies, you should definitely add him to your party. He’s much better than any of the rares.

People know Madeleine Cookie for his high defense and high hit points, but it’s his skill that makes him a great choice for your first epic Cookie. Basically, this Cookie’s skill will make the damage he does 108 percent stronger, and it will get stronger by 1.45 percent every time you level him up. For ten seconds, he won’t be hurt by debuffs either, which could help your party fight another day.

Milk Cookie holds his mighty milk shield to protect the party

Lots of people thought Milk Cookie was one of the best tanks in the game for a long time. Recently, though, there have been changes that have caused him to fall in the ranks. Even so, if you get him before any other epic Defense Cookie, he’s still a great pick.

The first thing that made Milk Cookie famous was how great he is as a tank in both PVP and PVE. The stats on him are great, and his skill can do AOE damage and “taunt,” which protects your other party members. Milk Cookie is a great addition to your party, even if it’s only until you get some stronger Cookies. His skill alone makes him worth having.

Financier Cookie holder her sword in her left hand

Behind Financier Cookie’s tough exterior lies a cookie that will fight to the death for any friend, but Clotted Cream Cookie, who is her charge, more than any other. When she’s in battle, she’ll choose the party member with the best attack to cast her shield on. This will give that person extra protection against attacks, damage, and critical hits.

On the other hand, if Clotted Cream Cookies is on your field, Financier Cookie’s Light Shield heals him for a small amount of his attack each time, based on his level. She’s not perfect, but she’s strong enough to take damage and stay living.

Cookie Run Kingdom Moon Rabbit Cookie

Why should you have Moon Rabbit Cookie at your party? Maybe one of the major reasons is that she’s so cute. She changes into a cute Giant Rice Cake Bunny when she uses her skill and kills almost any enemy that gets in her way.

There is often nothing better than having a tank that can heal, but this is just a matter of opinion. You’ll always have a back-up healer in case your main healer is busy or can’t heal fast enough. This is what makes Moon Rabbit Cookie so strong. Her skill, which has a 14-second delay, can heal her and any enemies she kills. Also, she can do 1279.9% of her damage in one hit, which will kill that boss that’s been bothering your party.

Cookie Run Kingdom Cocoa Cookie with a hot chocolate

Cocoa Cookie has become very popular in the defense world. She is so strong that it’s hard to believe. She is easily one of the two most epic Defense Cookies you can get. Like Moon Rabbit Cookie, she can heal her party if you use her skill, which makes her one of the best choices for PvP fights. She’s still great for PvE, but it looks like she really shines in PvP. It’s clear that she is very strong just by looking at her skill.

With a 15-second cooldown, Cocoa Cookie can heal all of her friends and protect them from being stunned. She can’t be interrupted by effects either, and her single hit does 41.7 percent more damage than her regular hits. Three friends with the least health will get healed by even her normal hits.

Wildberry Cookie opening scene

You can call Wildberry Cookie your standard tank. He hits hard and takes damage like a pro. He also has some useful skills that can help the rest of the party’s defense. In Cookie Run: Kingdom, this cookie could be one of the best defense cookies if it is used right.

Because he can protect friends a lot during his battle rage, Wildberry Cookie is a great support. He can also do great as a tank and as someone who deals damage. His hits are good enough on their own, and they’re even better when you use his skill. As long as you let him work at his best, Wildberry Cookie is great for both PVP and PVE.

Cookie Run Kingdom Strawberry Crepe Cookie

Strawberry Crepe Cookie is without a doubt the best awesome Defense Cookie you can get. They’re strong, have amazing stats, and have a skill that will blow your mind. Plus, they look cute the whole time.

You won’t believe how popular these cookies are until you try them. You’ll never want to switch snacks again. Until you get an Old One. In the end, their skill Crepe Thrust has a large area of effect and protects two of your party members from damage. When they use this Backrooms Game skill, a single hit does 330 percent of their standard damage, which should be enough to kill whatever you’re fighting anyway.

Cookie Run Kingdom Hollyberry Cookie

It’s no wonder that Hollyberry Cookie is the best since it’s the Ancient Defense Cookie that lives there. You’ll see such power if you’re lucky enough to have her join your group or even just watch her fight. Even more so when compared to things like regular cookies.

Hollyberry Cookie is pretty much the perfect tank. In order to use her skill, she puts herself in danger and turns into a strong defense. This protects her from most damage and doesn’t let interruption effects stop her, so she can do this all day. Do not trade this Ancient for anyone else if you can get her.

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