10 Best Series 5 Cards In Marvel Snap

As people try to make the best deck they can, the best Series 5 cards in Marvel Snap may come as a surprise to some.

Many Marvel Snap cards can be collected as a player moves up in Collection Level. Upgrading cards is an easy way to do this. As players move through the Collection Level system, they will come across different Pools or Series. These let caches hold younger and different cards. Because they were added to Marvel Snap a long time after the game first came out, Series 5, also known as Pool 5, has some of the best cards in the whole game.

However, players will need to hit a Collection Level of at least 486 before they can get these cards. Fans can get to Pool 3-Pool 5 cards from this page. All of these cards are useful in Marvel Snap‘s meta.

Phoenix Force

The Phoenix Force card

Phoenix Force is one of the most powerful cards in Marvel Snap. It is the main card in the Rise of the Phoenix Season Pass July 2023. Phoenix Force joined the Pool 5 club so that people who didn’t buy the Premium pass could find the card by accident. Before, they were looking for players to get the Season Pass.

The card description for Phoenix Force makes it one of the best 4-Cost cards in the game. It costs 4 and has 5 Power. Phoenix Force’s “On Reveal” ability lets it bring back to life a destroyed friendly card, join with it, and then let that card move every turn. Phoenix Force works really well with cards like Human Torch and Multiple Man.


X-23's card in Marvel Snap

Another card that just got added to Pool 5 is X-23. This is because the August 2023 Season Pass (Big In Japan) was just announced. X-23 is a one-cost card with two power that gives players of discard and destroy decks a great ability they can use to their advantage.

That’s because X-23 is the only card that can regenerate in any random place after being thrown away or killed. It also gives the player extra energy during their next turn. The X-23 card is one of the best 1-Cost cards in Marvel Snap because of this power and the many ways it can be used.


Thanos in marvel snap

When it comes to Marvel Snap, 6-Cost cards are some of the most important because games usually last six turns. Still, fans will make sure their deck has the strongest 6-Cost cards in the game in order to win, and Thanos is one of those cards.

The card description for Thanos says that the Infinity Stones are mixed into the player’s deck at the start of the game. He also has 10 Power. Every stone has a special power and only costs 1 Energy. Thanos gets an extra 10 Power when all of his stones are played. Thanos is now one of the best characters in the game, with 20 Power.

Lady Deathstrike

lady deathstrike's card

Some of the most well-known figures in the game are destruction cards, and for good reason. Lady Deathstrike was one of the later break-themed cards to come out in Marvel Snap. Her fierce On Reveal ability made her a big hit right away.

Lady Deathstrike has 3 Power and costs 5 Energy. When she is revealed, all cards in her area that have less Power than her are destroyed. This can be used in many ways to make sure that destroying cards that were seen coming is good for winning the game.

The Living Tribunal

the living tribunal card

In Marvel Snap, the Living Tribunal is a very niche card with a unique power that makes it hard to build good decks around. The Living Tribunal’s “split” ability, on the other hand, makes it very hard to counter when used properly.

The Living Tribunal costs 6 Energy to fight and has 9 Power of his own. He can also split all of a player’s Power equally between all of their locations at will. This Series 5 card is already being talked about as one of the best. With cards like Iron Man and Omega Red, The Living Tribunal can easily get to all the places.


Galactus about to devour a planet

Galactus is one of the best cards in Marvel Snap. Even though he is known for making opponents very angry. Galactus is a 6-Cost card with 7 Power. He isn’t the strongest card in terms of Power, but his ability can bring an opponent to their knees.

If a player wins the location where Galactus is played, all the cards on those locations are destroyed, too. This is called the “On Reveal” ability. In the end, this means that the only place where players are already ahead is where they are now, giving them an easy win.

High Evolutionary


People think that High Evolutionary is one of the best Series 5 cards because it can bring out the best in cards that don’t have a real description (no ability). A lot of these cards, like Hulk, Wasp, and Misty Knight, get really cool skills that are great for Marvel Snap.

People don’t even have to play High Evolutionary to use this ability, because his card says that all of these characters that don’t have any abilities get them at the beginning of Snow Rider 3D. High Evolutionary can also throw 4 Power and 4 Cost cards at a place. The Marvel Snap collection has a lot of cards that work well together, making High Evolutionary one of the best choices for a deck.

Iron Lad

Iron Lad card

Due to the large number of cards available in Marvel Snap, no two have the exact same power. This makes each card more interesting on its own. But Iron Lad is the best card to have in your deck if you want to be able to use a certain ability more than once.

As soon as Iron Lad is revealed, it copies the description of the character at the top of the player’s deck. It costs 4 points. When Iron Lad is thoughtfully built into a deck, luck and chance don’t matter because Iron Lad can only benefit from a carefully chosen set of cards. This makes him one of the best assets to have. Iron Lad can also add 6 Power to a place.

Jeff The Baby Land Shark


Jeff the Baby Land Shark is now one of the most well-known Series 5 cards in Marvel Snap. And it has moved up in the competitive meta of the game. It’s no secret that Jeff is one of the best cards in Marvel Snap. He also has one of the best powers in the whole game.

Even though Jeff only costs 2 Energy, he gives 3 Power and can only move once. Nothing can stop Jeff from getting where he wants to go. For Jeff to be able to make his move, cards like Professor X or places like Sanctum Sanctorum are useless.

Jean Grey


As they were introduced together in the Rise of the Phoenix Season Pass, Jean Grey has joined the Phoenix Force and given players access to a strategic ability that can fully stop an enemy from executing their plans. Jean Grey has 3 Power and costs 3 cards. She is one of the best cards in her class.

The Ongoing ability of Jean Grey gives each player to play their first character at her location every turn, as long as it’s allowed. She also has a good amount of Power.Jean Grey works really well with low-cost characters and a lot of Guardians of the Galaxy cards, like Gamora.

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