10 Best Hand Guns In Remnant 2, Ranked

Remnant 2 has about 19 Hand Guns, and many players don’t know which one really packs the most punch, both figuratively and literally.

Because there are three types of guns in Remnant 2, you can choose from a lot of different ones. These are Melee guns, Long Guns, and Hand Guns. Some people might think that handguns are only a “secondary” choice when the Long Gun is empty, but that’s not true at all.

Hand Guns, like Long Guns, can be used in many ways based on the player’s build. In some situations, they can be more useful than any Long Gun. It does depend on the player’s build and how they make it fit their chosen Hand Gun. Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s look at the ranked and most-used Hand Guns in Remnant 2 and talk about why they’re so useful.


Remnant 2 - Meridian Explosion With Meridian PNG Overlaid On Top

The Meridian is at the very bottom of the list. Because it has one of the most annoying puzzles to solve in order to unlock it. To get this, players must find the Flooded Sewer event in one of Losomn’s sewer maps, like the Great Sewer or Tiller’s Rest, kill the ooze enemy that is blocking the big pipe, and then wait for the room to fill with water for about an hour and a half. This will allow the Traveler to cross a series of platforms and reach another pipe where the Meridian is sitting.

A lot of fun can be had with this item once people are able to get it. And it can be especially helpful when there are a lot of enemies at once. It’s a threat in single-player, though, as every explosion will probably knock close teammates out or, in the worst case, send them off a ledge.

Rupture Cannon

Remnant 2 - Reloading Rupture Cannon With Rupture Cannon PNG Overlaid On Top

The Rupture Cannon, the next Hand Gun, is one of the most “sci-fi aesthetic” weapons on this list. Only the Pulse Rifle and the Plasma Cutter are more extreme in this way.

There are no standard rounds fired by the Rupture Cannon. Instead, each trigger pull seems to send out a “shotgun spread” of energy-based projectiles. Plus, even though it says “shotgun pistol” in the description. These shots go a lot farther than someone who plays a lot of games with shotguns might think. In simple terms, the Rupture Cannon is one of the more reliable options, which is why it’s on this list.

Bolt Driver

Remnant 2 - Bolt Driver PNG Overlaid On Image Of Reloading Bolt Driver

Even though it looks like a semi-automatic gun made on Earth or something similar. The Bolt Driver is actually from Yaesha and fires a burst of Pan crystals instead of bullets. To get this, players must play the “secret” or different song on the Water Harp in The Forbidden Grove of Yaesha, which is right outside the Ravager’s Lair. It’s possible to figure out this secret song in-game by listening to the Flautist, but most players just look it up online.

Going back to the Hand Gun, this one too takes some time to get used to. Because it is different from the others in that it has a charge time and a quick fire setting. Once players get used to firing the Bolt Driver, they’ll quickly see that the short time it takes to get used to it was well worth it because of its steady DPS and ability to deal Weakspot damage.


Remnant 2 - Firing Sureshot At Training Dummy With Sureshot PNG Overlaid On Top

The Sureshot is a handgun that is almost the exact opposite of the Rupture Cannon. The Sureshot is not like the Rupture Cannon, which has a high magazine that does constant damage and a slow reload. Instead, it is a single-shot Hand Gun that can do high-risk, high-reward damage and a fairly fast reload.

That being said, it’s very simple to make the Sureshot (or Crossbow, if it’s been found) ridiculously powerful by adding Reload-based Amulets, Rings, or any other gear that does something when a clip is empty. It’s easy to see how the Shiny Hog Lure and Tightly Wound Coil make the Sureshot a must-use weapon right away.

Tech 22

Remnant 2 - Unloading Tech 22 Into Training Dummy With Tech 22 PNG Overlaid On Top

It’s likely that the Tech 22 has the best “feel” when shooting of all the guns in Remnant 2. Not to put down the other guns; the people who worked on Gunfire Games really did a great job making sure that all of their guns were powerful and fun to use.

For some reason, though, the Tech 22 is a lot of fun to use. The sound it makes, the way it looks when it fires, and the small but noticeable recoil all make it fun to use.


Remnant 2 - MP60R Door Holding MP60 With PNG Of Gun Overlaid On Top

If you played Gunfire Games’ last game, Remnant: From the Ashes, you probably already know about the MP60-R, which is the next hand gun. It was just called the “Submachine Gun” in that game. But players who are interested can find this gun in both games by visiting the Ward 13 hub area.

The MP60-R is a great choice for a handgun, so this small bit of work is well worth it. It’s basically the Tech 22 alternative for people who don’t like that gun. It has more damage per shot and a bigger magazine, but it has more spread and less fire rate. Players have different opinions about the MP60-R compared to other Hand Guns, but everyone agrees that it is a good gun to use. Especially early on when Scrap is even more valuable.

Cube Gun

Remnant 2 - Using Cube Gun Ability With Cube Gun PNG Overlaid On Top

An important part of the harder modes, like Nightmare and Apocalypse, is making sure that players have enough ammunition to get to the next stage or beat the boss. When playing with other people, on any difficulty, it seems like players often run out of bullets in the middle of a major fight because the bosses’ health increases with each player. There will be a lot of people who want a handgun with unlimited ammo just for that reason. The Cube Gun is a great handgun for all the other reasons as well.

To be more specific about “why” this gun is so great, the Cube Gun’s auto-equipped (but not made) Weapon Mod can be used in many ways, the gun itself does good damage, and it is so easy to use.


Remnant 2 - Obtaining Sorrow Crossbow With PNG Of Sorrow Overlaid On Top

Now we can talk about the top three Hand Guns in Remnant 2 as a whole. At this point in the rankings, what makes each Hand Gun “the best” relies more on personal taste than anything else. If built around correctly, all three of these guns can easily throw off the game’s balance.

And third is the Sorrow, a gun with a name that fits its purpose. Players can get it from Meidra, one of Yaesha’s trickster gods, in return for the ring of her dead siblings, the Tear of Kaeula. This crossbow pistol is by far one of the best guns in Slope Game, and with the Eulogy Weapon Mod, it’s also one of the best guns for staying alive. It’s also one of the other things that 10/10 say you should use in Hardcore Mode.

Double Barrel

Remnant 2 - Firing Double Barrel Up Close Into Training Dummy With Double Barrel PNG On Top

Since the game came out, the next two guns have set the standard for Hand Guns in Remnant 2. And that’s not likely to change any time soon. Yes, the Enigma is ahead of the Double Barrel. As long as players stay very close to their target, which won’t be a problem for Challenger players. The Double Barrel shotgun does the most powerful damage to a single target.

Plus, if you add the right Mutators, like Bandit or Extender, this thing’s DPS can go up to twice or even three times as much because the player can fire it more times before having to reload.


Remnant 2 - Enigma Lightning Chaining To Multiple Targets With Enigma PNG Overlaid On Top

Since this gun is used so much in online Remnant 2 games, it doesn’t seem right that the Enigma is first on this list, but the facts are the facts. It’s easy to get the Enigma, it has a great built-in weapon mod called Chaos Drive. And it’s the best weapon for dealing damage to multiple targets in the game. It’s also just fun to use.

This gun has been nerfed several times by Gunfire Games in the few patches they’ve released since the game came out, but it’s still very powerful. The only real flaw is that it doesn’t hold enough magazines. But with the right Mutator, that flaw is pretty much gone.

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